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  1. filmjunkie4ever

    A Return to the 30-06

    IMR4350. THE powder for .30-06 in my experience. But there are LOTS of others that work great too!
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    A Bad Omen?

    Can’t wait until Guy Miner sees this too 😂😂
  3. filmjunkie4ever

    Teddy Roosevelt gun

    I have always wanted a Winchester 1895. Think I would opt for something like a .30 US Army however since .405 ammo/components are unobtainium these days. Still a super cool rifle!
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    Have had this song stuck in my head for a couple of weeks now. Its an excellent take on how things are right now, and just how the working class feels about it. Anthem indeed.
  5. filmjunkie4ever

    .284 Winchester brass

  6. filmjunkie4ever

    .284 Winchester brass

    60 pieces of once fired .284 Winchester brass. Headstamps are W-W Super, Super-X and Super Speed. Three vintage boxes included. Cross posted at the fire. $80 shipped, conus only. Paypal f/f or usps money order only. Not looking for trades at this time.
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    160 gr. partition in 270 Win.

    Speer used to make a 170 grain Roundnose in .277 caliber that while not a Partition would be excellent on the same kind of larger non dangerous game. The .270 has my complete respect as a hunting rifle but to me, if I need more than a 150 grain bullet I likely would grab a 7mm or .30 caliber...
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    .284 Win - Long Action Possibilities

    Have a close friend who has had the .284 Winchester on his mind a lot lately. He’s looking for a long-action push feed M70 to build this on. The idea is to load 160-168 grain bullets to a COAL of approximately 3.150-3.225” and put as much Ramshot Hunter in the case as it will safely take. A...
  9. filmjunkie4ever

    .360 Buckhammer

    I also am interested in seeing this!
  10. filmjunkie4ever

    165 Grain Accubond in .308

    Try Varget. Varget is to the .308 what IMR4350 is to the .30-06. What H4831 is to the .270…I will stop now 😉😂
  11. filmjunkie4ever

    .360 Buckhammer

    My feelings exactly Guy. After all most cartridges outside of the top 10 or 15 are basically “reinventions of the wheel” so to speak anyways. I have a .357 Carbine that is straightwall-state legal but a .32-38 caliber levergun may just join the ranks at some point.
  12. filmjunkie4ever

    Who says partitions aren’t accurate?

    Maybe its our collective appreciation for Nosler products but all things considered its only natural that a .300 H&H Magnum should not only be loaded with but shoot exceptional with Partitions. It’s a match made in heaven. I have never had a .300 Magnum of any sort fail to shoot Nosler...
  13. filmjunkie4ever

    280AI Rebuild

    I like a 24” barrel on all of my long action standard cartridge (not magnum) rifles. Although even on some magnums I still prefer 24” barrels too.
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    Guy Miner costs me money!

    Wow! This thread!! 😂😂😂 Classic!
  15. filmjunkie4ever

    .270 Winchester ELDX vs. ABLR

    I have used the standard Accubond in several calibers with similar if not exact results. I haven’t yet taken any game with the ABLR in any caliber. The ELDX seem a bit to the frangible side for my preferences but that is why they work so well at longer distances. Hornady’s availability and...
  16. filmjunkie4ever

    Hunter Powder

    Yeah I did some modifications to my favorite Remington 700 .25-06 a couple years back. These included a new lightweight synthetic stock, a Timney trigger, Talley aluminum rings/mounts, and a different Leupold scope. I had stupidly allowed my supply of Retumbo and 115 grain Blue Cyclones to...
  17. filmjunkie4ever

    .270 Winchester ELDX vs. ABLR

    I have shot targets much farther than 600 yards but personally feel that I shouldn’t engage game animals beyond that. In fact my practical limit of 400 yards is still what I prefer as an absolute limit in most cases. Lots of open country here where I hunt can make it tough to get within 400. I...
  18. filmjunkie4ever

    Hunter Powder

    I like it in my .25-06. May give it a try in my Roberts and .270 as well. Midway had it not long ago. I have a couple of pounds on my shelf that I had ordered from them.
  19. filmjunkie4ever

    .270 Winchester ELDX vs. ABLR

    What real world difference can I expect between these two bullets? Standard .270 Winchester loaded to 2900-2950 fps, wanting to setup a longer range load for shooting out to 600 yards absolute max. Mule deer and the occasional antelope, sheep and elk. My rifle is a Browning BBR with 24”...