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  1. Warrior

    Tips for Long Distance Shooting

    I ran into this cool infographic on Outdoorhub ... -shooting/
  2. Warrior

    Long Range Shooting Simulation

    I just found this article that Gun Digest put out yesterday introducing Long Range Shooting Simulation This simulation looks very well done! Article is at:
  3. Warrior

    Giant Wolffish near Fukushima

    Wow Pretty Cool
  4. Warrior

    Illinois State Record Flathead Catfish

    Have you ever seen a flathead catfish this big? James Klauzer, who caught the massive fish from Sangchris Lake in Illinois last week, said it was the biggest he’s encountered in the state—and it may edge out the Prairie State’s current flathead record. The fish weighed a whopping 81.4 pounds...
  5. Warrior

    Nosler 2nds website

    For those who have not found it yet, Nosler seconds and over-runs are found at:
  6. Warrior

    New Forum Board

    What do you guys think about having a forum board broken down by state for hunting related topics? Just a thought.
  7. Warrior

    Gunstocks Inc. Bedford, IA - Buyer BEWARE!

    Thanks for the heads up!
  8. Warrior

    Nosler Seconds and Over Runs

    I just found Nosler Seconds and Overruns at a killer deal! What is nice is they have ABLR's! Check out: ... -blem.html
  9. Warrior

    Nosler Published Load Data

    Links above do not work ... try:
  10. Warrior

    Springfield Armory XD

    I am Looking for a 3" Sub-Compact 9mm XD. Anyone have one or use? Thoughts? Satisfied? Any offers?