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    308 win on plains-game?

    April, you my be the only one left who still uses the 300 Holland and Holland. Everybody now wants a short action and a light weight rifle and the 300WSM gives them that, plus uses less powder, with better ballistics. But, on the other hand, the 300 Holland and Holland is a classic and I am...
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    308 win on plains-game?

    it is nice to see you post again If I ever went I would take my 340 Weatherby for plains game
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    Favorite Goose Shotgun

    Specifically for Geese and Ducks. What has worked best for you as we are about to purchase something and would appreciate your suggestions. Thank you
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    Stoeger M3500

    hodgeman, well done. reading your post made me wonder how many children or grandchildren were receiving firearms this Christmas from forum members.
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    Show Your Lever Guns

    I had the opportunity today to use the 348 win for the first time. We also had the 338 win, 325wsm, and 340 weatherby with us ( not all mine, three of us went together ). Each rifle was shooting 200 gr bullets except the 325 and it was shooting 180 gr I was surprised that the 348 was the...
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    Show Your Lever Guns

    Blkram, I want to thank you for your reply. you always take the time to give excellent responses to questions, thank you. I am sure some here feel everybody knows as much as they do about rifles, reloading, bullets, etc and that is why they sometimes give one or two word responses. Those...
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    Show Your Lever Guns

    that 348 keeps showing up, Fotis, Gil, Scotty, etc-------maybe I need to add one Blkram--you do have a very nice collection. Do you find one, more than any other, gets out more ?
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    Co. elk herd

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    What is a Drilling?

    thank you --- questions how accurate is the bottom rifle barrel ? What does it weight ? Frank, I understand how you are now using it, but if I you were hunting a wounded leopard would you use the shotgun barrels ( if it was in its original condition) for up close follow up shots and use...
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    Looking forward to Saturday

    Damn, that is a lot game. Congratulations. The other day April mentioned fallow deer being an easy hunt and now you harvest several of them. Wish I was there
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    Wounding Game

    Earle. I always enjoy your posts,, your posts are interesting and enjoyable, thank you. Hope you found him today. jamila, same with you young lady. Although I do not have any experience in your hunting area or firearms you use, i enjoy reading about them. I have never seen a drilling or a...
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    Grizzly Attack

    Dr Mike, Cheyenne, thank you and point made.
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    Grizzly Attack

    that is sad. certainly a reminder of how dangerous is it where some of you folks reside
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    Failing Forward!

    GREAT STORY, thank you and congrats to your daughter. well done!
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    Megan and the first day of rifle season

    Tom That is so special. Congratulations to Megan, and to you, as I remember back when she first started hunting. You have done a wonderful job of teaching and she has obviously been a good student. You were once headed to Alaska for Blacktail, did you go ? Did she go with you ?
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    what's your style ?

    Spot and stalk in the west Set and wait in the east Guy, I am so envious of the area where you hunt. How far do you have to drive from your home to be in the mountains hunting ?
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    Elk done--Ibex next

    April, congratulations to your granddaughter. If I am correct, she now has mule deer, fallow deer, coues deer, elk, Ibex and antelope notches on her 7mm-08. Are you only hunting plains game in Namibia ? if she does hunt something larger will she use your 375 H & H ? And THANK YOU, the...
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    The Drive for Notoriety

    Earle, Cheyenne, Hodge man--------- I and probably many others here would love to hunt where and how you three hunt. I would also enjoy watching the things you speak of Cheyenne and hunt the way you do Earle . And once per year we do. We go west to Wyoming or Montana and horseback into the...
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    Colorado Outfitter Pleads Guilty

    Interesting thread Gil, Dr Mike, Cheyenne How far into the yukon from b c were those hunters ?
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    First upland hunt this season!

    good for you Guy and others as well. Bird hunting is a lot easier and cheaper for us than big game so we spend more time hunting birds each year than big game. We do not have a bird dog but some of the people w hunt with have them. We are considering joining a group that leases land for duck...