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  1. Teknys

    M70 264 WM FWT Maple stock

    Oh very nice !!!
  2. Teknys

    Local Salmon Run.

    If this is the Plymptom creek near Wauna , I used to step out of the mill and eat my lunch there watching the salmon.
  3. Teknys

    SPEER Impact 6.5mm (.264") 140gr Bullet Test

    They look like they have potential.
  4. Teknys

    7mm 160gr Accubonds at SPS

    Done ! Thank you
  5. Teknys

    How many of you are considering a tri-pod to shoot off of for hunting?

    I've been considering the BOG Deathgrip Infinite ... but wow $$$ I just have to get past that.
  6. Teknys


    Good choice . Very happy with mine.
  7. Teknys

    .308 165 grain ballistic tips

    I've loaded the 165 BT a few times but settled on the180 for my WSM. I remember one afternoon shooting rocks out to 650yds with the 165s and with the WSM speeds I was impressed with the ability to buck the wind and still make hits.
  8. Teknys

    Glock 20 Gen 5 MOS

    I too have KKM barrels on my G20 and G40. Very happy with them as they shoot better then my. I haven't put lead bullets down the barrel yet but I plan on it with the G40 for hunting.
  9. Teknys

    Tungsten Guide Rod

    I've been considering the same thing for my G20 and G40. Looking at heavier spring for the hunting loads. I'll be watching this thread.
  10. Teknys

    Pistol Red Dot Optics 🔴

    I believe the Venom I have is 3 MOA dot.
  11. Teknys

    Pistol Red Dot Optics 🔴

    I put a Vortex Venom on my G40 and with a rest the 100 yr target / gong rings all day long. Like previous post - its a game changer.
  12. Teknys

    What do you keep your "stuff" in?

    Just bought a Liberty safe, again. Left the last one with the house for my daughter and her husband that we sold them.
  13. Teknys

    Gobblers not Gobblin’

    That's good to know. I'm going to pay attention to that around here.
  14. Teknys

    Glock 20 Gen 5 MOS

    I have a couple boxes of this and in my G40 with optics sighted in with 200gn bullets. This ammo shot low and left. Much easier to handle also (recoil). have not done any penetration test or on game performance. It does look interesting though.
  15. Teknys

    Top three firearm manufacturers

    That's a tough call. I like most of the manufacturers different models for different reasons. Opinion: Weatherby / Vanguard / Howa is an excellent 700 clone. Still have a couple. Can't help but love the Sako (Tikka) . Own a few. You know...... Remington 700 is a solid action. They have such...
  16. Teknys

    Firewood and wood heat

    We just built our new place. When it's done the shop will have a propane unit heater and a wood stove. Got lots of wood split and piled up already clearing the place. The house is a Heat Pump. Lots of insulation. Went from 80's during day to 40's at night and the house swung 2 degs F. No...
  17. Teknys

    A Return to the 30-06

    The only 30-06 I owned was a Sako Finnbear. That was probably 40 years ago. I owned it for two seasons. Last one I had. I still miss that gun. I have a few 30 cal but not in a 30-06. Don't know why......
  18. Teknys

    Barge, Plane Ticket, and Resignation

    Good luck !
  19. Teknys

    N570 at Brownells

  20. Teknys

    Proof Research

    That's great to hear that a company will help you out like that. Getting and maintaining customers are two different things.