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  1. RaySendero

    Minimum safe loads- which data do I use

    I don't ever go all the way down to minimum rifle load data any more! For any new to me cartridge, I use to reload a ladder in duplicates starting at the book minimum for each potential powder I wanted to test. Some years ago I ran into the case not completely sealing at the min load. Since I...
  2. RaySendero

    How much do you load up?

    Yes, I prefer one load for each rifle with the most suitable bullet for my rifle's chosen hunting purpose.
  3. RaySendero

    Let's buy the perfect out west gun.

    I think your right on the correct starting point !!! I mean you won't be wrong with a 25-06 to 7 mag, but a 270 Win is the standard you should use judge the others. A 25-06 will do most everything a 270W will do with 10 gr less bullet wt. & a 270W will do most every thing a 7M will do with 10...
  4. RaySendero

    1917 rifle to 9.3x62 ?

    Well Guy...You'll need to reload for the 9.3x62. You'll have great wide range of bullet choices: 250 NAB 286 NPT & 300 Swift-A If you don't plan to reloading, leave it as the 30-06.
  5. RaySendero

    Which rifles this season?

    Well...I'm going to get one sighted-in tomorrow. Guess Ill go with the old workhorse I used last year:
  6. RaySendero

    25-06 or 6.5 Creedmoor

    One question Brinky, Are you wanting a dedicated rifle just for coyotes or more of an all-around hunting rifle?
  7. RaySendero

    Help need a vintage scope

    If you plan to shoot it and hunt, put a good scope on it. Take your time finding a vintage scope. put it on only when you decide to sell it.
  8. RaySendero

    Air Guns Anyone?

    Anyone have a trajectory(s) for .22 cal pellets?
  9. RaySendero

    Air Guns Anyone?

    I've had a Benjamin-Sheridan .22 for many years. Kids like shooting it. Me - I use it for pest control.
  10. RaySendero

    140 grain in .270 WCF

    filmjunkie4ever, Friend of mine really likes those 140 Hornady Interlock BTSPs Settled on that yrs ago and loads nothing else.
  11. RaySendero

    Pre-64 range time.

    Alderman, You got a nice rifle there! I like Pre-64 Model 70 Winchesters. Got 2 of'em - A 1939 and a 1942. Both will still shoot 1/2" or better groups at 100 yards. But they are the fussiest rifles I have when it comes to either factory ammo or my handloads. So keep experimenting. I know my 2...
  12. RaySendero

    Favorite .270 loads

    I like 150 SGKs over IMR-4350. Real good BC - Will carry over 1,500 Ft-Lbs to 400 yards. Great accuracy - Have touched 3 at 200 and 5 five at 400 measured 1" wide 1.8" vertical.
  13. RaySendero

    25 cal varmint

    remingtonman_25_06, I'm beginning to like the idea of a 25-06. Got a couple of 270s. Thought the 25-06 was too close. Don't have one - never paid it much attention. Until I helped a friend get his new 25-06 sighted in 3 years ago. He's killed several deer with it since - all one shot kills...
  14. RaySendero

    Trigger over travel??

    Well...I think trigger over travel would be worse on accuracy than the speed of light but have a lesser effect than the rotation of the earth.
  15. RaySendero

    Remington tanking

    I would hope your opinion isn't solely based on MSN reporting?!
  16. RaySendero

    Maximum acceptable group size?

    Hunting with a rifle that shoots the maximum size groups is like Hunting with a rifle chambered for the minimal size cartridge. I'm not particularly interested in doing either!
  17. RaySendero

    Truck/Camp Rifle?

    I take a sporterized 303B:
  18. RaySendero

    New gun decision...

    Woooo... I've been looking a the Kimber Classic Select, too!
  19. RaySendero

    Nosler Handgun in 444

    KW, Don't worry - Life is too short to worry! And deer ain't that hard to kill. While I'm a proponent of heavy for caliber bullets, Just find out for yourself. You have the components. Load up some 240s, sight-in and shoot a deer. Will be real world without us speculating on the outcome...
  20. RaySendero

    Downloading the 30-06

    Yeah, I'll second the PAST shoulder recoil shields. I use the standard pad with my 458 Win Mag, So should work very well for a 30-06.