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    300 H&H Pet Loads

    Mine is an FN Mauser Supreme, with 24 in. Barrel. I shoot 200 gr. accubonds in front of 71.5gr. of RL-26. It kills moose very dead!
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    375 RUGER

    375 Ruger recoil is brutal. I had one and sold it. On the plus side, load development was easy, with 270 gr. Barnes LRX.
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    Quickload please

    On GRT, you can manually adjust case volume, to depart from standard case volume.
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    Quickload please

    I do not have QL, but I use Gordon’s Reloading Tool, which can be downloaded for free on the Internet. Your cartridge sounds like a 6.5-06 AI or very close to it. That would be a very good starting point.
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    Rhino 235 solid shank bullet in 9.3X57

    In addition to the points outlined in post#3, please stipulate a 24 inch barrel length.
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    IMR 4451 and IMR 4831

    IMR 4451 is in the same burn rate range as H4350, and IMR 4831 is in the range of H4831 and H4831SC.
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    Rhino 235 solid shank bullet in 9.3X57

    Thanks, but the Rhino bullet is not long enough, at 1.127, to achieve a COL of 3.224. The case is 2.22 in long. 3.08 in. is a more realistic COL. This will also translate into less internal volume, and eliminate most of the really slow burn rate powders. Also, you set the MAP at 42,700...
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    Rhino 235 solid shank bullet in 9.3X57

    There is no data available for this specific bullet. I know that Rhino recommends using data for traditional bullets of comparable weight. This is for a 9.3X57, an obsolete cartridge for which there is scarce published data. The good news is that the rifle is a Husky 146 built on an FN...
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    257 115 TSX Quickload

    What is the twist rate of your barrel? I have a Vanguard 2 with 1:10 in rate of twist and, although I have never tried the Barnes 115, i am under the impression that a faster rate of twist is required to stabilize those bullets. Am I wrong?