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    your 2021 hunting plans ?

    This year I will be back on the road again to Upper Canyon Outfitters (UCO) in Alder MT where I have hunted very successfully for several years since 2013. I took a year off in 2020. With assistance of UCO staff I drew both elk and deer tags and look forward to the relief of open spaces and like...
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    Sargent In The House

    Very Nice Rodger, congratulations to your grandson and his/your family. Thank him for his service to our Country and may God keep him and all others in the palm of His hand in the future.
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    50 years ago - pheasants

    This is a great picture Guy.. Thank you for sharing. About the same time frame I was hunting wild pheasants in western NY with my Dad and a school buddy carrying a an Ithaca 16 gauge double which I still have. We managed to get a fair share of birds in those days. Very fond memories.
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    User warning ( Graphic pictures )

    Rodger, sorry to learn of your injury.. I hope that your recovery will be quick and complete so you can get back to the things that are important and you enjoy. Rol
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    It's gotten so easy...

    Thank You for sharing these great pictures Guy... They look very at ease in their pose. Are they likely to survive the coming season in this sanctuary or wander off into dangerous territory and be hunted?
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    A little Humor

    I'll take the fishing pole please... I have never been politically correct, and it is too late to change now.. Have a great day..
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    IMR 4451 and IMR 4831

    IMR 4451 has worked well for me in the 3-06 with 180 grain bullets. Good accuracy and reasonable velocity. Good luck.. Rol
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    Snowy Pheasant Hunt

    Great to see the fruits of hard work and dedication are paying off for you Guy.. I hope that you have many more successful bird hunts to share... Thanks for sharing. (y) :grin: Rol
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    Cracking up at myself

    Go for it Guy... With your talent and a great lens you could become a photographer for National Geographic and/or Smithsonian Institute and cover the cost of the lens quickly.. (y) :grin: You deserve it, and speaking for other members, we enjoy your posts with photos.. Rol
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    Great to read Guy.. I believe that you have been a strong inspiration for many in your various rolls in life, including on this forum. Along with Dr. Mike, i wish you fellows a rewarding and memorable bear hunt. Maybe in the future your young friend will follow your lead and take a similar...
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    Flight 2021

    Unfortunately Flight 2021 is in a tailspin with no hope for survival.. My apologies for raising hopes for a better future. I am very disgusted with big tech and all the big money groups controlling us.
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    My Divorce From Nosler

    I am sorry to learn of Paul's issues with his Nosler rifle. My question is: 1. Is this an isolated case or a recurring quality control issue that deserves close attention from top management at Nosler? 2. Is the representative that Paul dealt with the only broken cog in the Nosler Customer...
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    Thirty Years Ago...

    Thank you Guy and Hawk... and all who have served our country. May God keep you and yours safe and healthy going forward. Not being a Veteran the closest I can relate is working with two parents, (a father and a mother) one of which is a Marine Veteran of Vietnam, whose sons were deployed and...
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    Message on Ammo Shortage

    CL I believe that you are spot on...Think of the anti gun mega billionaires, who shall remain unnamed, out there who could purchase a controlling interest in this mega corporation affecting our sport and control/destroy our sport. The production could be redirected to some noncontroversial...
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    a year with the .260

    Congratulations on great hunts.. Brings back memories of my Encore with an MGM .260 rifle barrel. It was a sweet package that never let me down. Wishing that I had not sold it now as it would have been perfect for hunting on Dan's farm in western New York.. Rol
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    Message on Ammo Shortage

    If this cut and paste works you will have a video from the president of Federal and other ammo companies.
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    Flight 2021

    I would like to invite you to Flight #2021 boarding today, which departs at midnight. Hello, welcome to Flight #2021. We are prepared to take off into the New Year. Please make sure your Attitude and Blessings are secured and locked in an upright position. All self-destructive devices...
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    Lost my best friend

    Ron, I am very sorry for your loss. Dr. Mike and Hawk have very nicely verbalized my thought and I thank them both. Like you, my sister and I kept our parents home as they wished during their transition to the eternal life that we all hope for. It has been 9 and 11 years respectively for Dad...
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    PA buck

    Congratulations.... (y) Can you share the story of the hunt? We always enjoy going along.. :grin:
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    Absolutely Beautiful Guy...perfection... You a blessed with Talent to capture nature at it's best and kindness to share it with your friends here... Thank you... (y) Rol