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    The 450 gettin ready for this year

    Wow, great looking pistol. That has got to be a handful to shoot. I have the 450 Marlin in a lever gun and it kicks like heck. Good luck with it this year.
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    2-Kauger Black Widow Pistols Draw First Blood: Antelope (250 & 754 yards)

    Congratulatioins. That is some great shooting.
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    Nilgai hunt

    Great write-up. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on a couple of fine animals. Good report on the bullet performance.
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    2023 Moose hunt

    Congratulations on a successful hunt. That is a great bull.
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    Rem Model 7 with a 120 BT

    Most excellent! Congratulations.
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    2023 Moose hunt

    Thanks for sharing the story and photos. Sorry you didn't spot a legal bull. Good news about the tent and camp stove. It sounds like they got a thorough testing. Are there any sort of game check stations that would spot the illegal bulls? Are those hunters "Scott Free"? Dan
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    M70 264 WM FWT Maple stock

    Beautiful! I love it. You did good.
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    Loving the 7mm WSM

    Yes, Scotty. I am glad as well. The encouragement from you, JD338, and Dr. Mike helped me make the decision to buy it. It is a keeper. Looks like my 270 Win. is going to be going down the road. This shoots the same bullet (150 gr. ABLR) faster and more accurately.
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    Loving the 7mm WSM

    Guy, great article. Dan
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    Loving the 7mm WSM

    TexasLife, check out this write up. It sounds like some shooters have had great results with the 7 SAUM. Dan
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    Loving the 7mm WSM

    I few months ago I bought a 2006 era left-handed Winchester M70 chambered in 7mm WSM and I am loving it. Since I have a 300 WM shooting 180 gr. AB's for elk and a 7mm Rem. Mag. shooting 160 gr. AB's, I decided to make this into a dedicated deer and antelope rifle. It has had no work done on it...
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    Great range day!

    Great work Fotis. As Jim said, "You certainly know how to tweak top accuracy out of a rifle. " That 350 Rem. Mag. should make a great elk rifle and load.
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    Counting My Blessings

    I am counting my blessings today. Once again, I have cheated the grim reaper. This is at least the fourth time, as an adult, I have survived a potentially disastrous medical condition. I survived a heart attack on July 4th due to the timely and appropriate actions of family, friends, and the...
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    Shiloh Sharps 50 2 1/2”

    Beautiful rifle. Congratulations on a great acquisition.
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    Range Moments

    That is some cool footage. Thanks for sharing.
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    2023 Hunting Season

    Congratulations - again! You are having a good year. :)
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    New Bullet Stop

    Thank you for the kind comments.
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    This is just cool...

    Yep. I recognize engineers with OCD. This was a lot of work on their part with better results than I would have initially expected. Too bad they couldn't get the bullets to stick together. Kudos to them for their effort and successes.
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    New Bullet Stop

    Years ago Roland (Rol_P) had given me a couple of OSB shipping boxes in which a deer and elk antlers had been shipped to him. With minimal effort and thought I made them into bullets stops filled with sand/dirt, one for 100 yards and one for 200 yards. The 200 OSB board on the 200 yard one...
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    2023 Hunting Season

    Congratulations to your niece and to you on a great bear. I bet she is smiling. Kudos to you for coaching and guiding her.