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  1. Heavy Barrel

    CCI 200’s at targetsports

    I know! 🙃
  2. Heavy Barrel

    CCI 200’s at targetsports

    Natchez had the same ones both yesterday and today. Brownell's had Federal 215M today.
  3. Heavy Barrel

    Optics planet...

    Had that happen a few years ago when I used them for the first time, was after some 34mm rings from Leupold. Called them out on the dirty tactic and cancelled the order. Haven't been back since.
  4. Heavy Barrel

    Almost a real bad day

    Four Score and...oh wait!:eek: About thirty years ago I was trying to adjust the stops on a early 1900's Sheridan collator when it decided to grab ahold of my T-shirt. Needless to say, my shirt lost the battle, and had to be mended with a stapler just to get through the day.
  5. Heavy Barrel

    Varmint bullet fragility jug test? Has anyone posted this here?

    My way of testing them!
  6. Heavy Barrel

    Bragging about overpressure

  7. Heavy Barrel

    Bragging about overpressure

    That makes it tempting to ask the seller for photos of the head stamps on the fired brass.
  8. Heavy Barrel

    Bragging about overpressure

    Unless there's something I'm missing Gordon's shows 59.5gr of Superformance as near max.
  9. Heavy Barrel

    All New AccuBlade Broadhead Pre-Order

    Let me know when they release the mechanical bladed partition.
  10. Heavy Barrel

    6.8 Western

    As you get older, you've got to stay positive. For example, the other day I fell down the stairs. Instead of getting upset, I just thought, "Wow!, that's the fastest I've moved years!"
  11. Heavy Barrel

    The absence in the market place

    Go to their website and read their career listings, that might shed some light. I pondered that thought once, then after I seen what they're offering vs. the COL in that region. 🥴 There are companies in my state offering more than that for entry level positions and still can't get any bites!
  12. Heavy Barrel

    Powder is coming down.

    I've been trying to get my hands on either some 215's or WLRMs though so far, by the time I see the notification from shootingBOT, I'm too late.
  13. Heavy Barrel

    Powder is coming down.

    Just last weekend. 👇👇
  14. Heavy Barrel

    Outrageous Prices

    Ever since Paul Singer of Elliot Management forced them to sell/merge, their prices have been outrageous. The last time I did any business with them, they had a promo going where I was able to get 130gr Accubonds for $25/box and Premium Brass for $30/box.
  15. Heavy Barrel

    Favorite bullet mfg not named Nosler and why

    Hornady!! For consistent availability, their production is only a ninety minute drive, and I prefer to cater to businesses in my state!
  16. Heavy Barrel

    Scam Reloading Primers Shop Scam

    Here's my hint!
  17. Heavy Barrel

    Bad Powder

    I've got some 270 Win loaded with 7828 and a pound each of 7977, 8133 and 8208 on the shelf, this makes me very weary at using them.
  18. Heavy Barrel

    1,100 yard test - 6.5 Creed / 147 ELD-M

    I couldn't pass up that opportunity. :cool:
  19. Heavy Barrel

    1,100 yard test - 6.5 Creed / 147 ELD-M

    “official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time.” 😁
  20. Heavy Barrel

    Powder....making it's way back and the state overall of components

    Last time I got my hands on anything from Alliant was back in late June when I was able to latch onto a couple pounds of Reloder 16 at Brownells. I've been wanting to try Reloder 22, 25, & 26 on a few of my rifles, but can never find it.