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    Caliber and Bullet Questions For First Yukon Hunt

    Cheyenne it is great to see you post(y). But I do have to mention something regarding your post about Mike & Gil, there comes a age when men start forgetting a lot of things:ROFLMAO:!! Sorry to both Mike and Gil. Dan
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    Cabin Fever

    We have had quite the temperature variance over the last couple of months. Yesterday it was minus 32C with a 30K wind and now today the temp right now is minus 2C but the wind has picked and we are getting some freezing rain. I have 3 rifles that I would like to do some range work with but just...
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    7mm-08 and the new 150 AccuBond

    Scotty, I guess that might be the wrong term as they fragmented the first time it was a left front shoulder on a average whitetail buck the entire shoulder was destroyed and the bullet did not enter the body cavity. The second one just behind the shoulder hit a rib and then fragmented into the...
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    7mm-08 and the new 150 AccuBond

    I have been using the 150gr. ABLRs for some time now in my 280AI and I have personally not had any problems. However my nephew has quit the 168gr. ABLRs in his 7mm mag because he has had some problems with them exploding:oops:. I was the one that worked on that load and I am not sure what the...
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    How did you get started reloading?

    Well I started in about 1968 when one of our group decided to reload for his 308win. I then picked up a set of 270win dies for myself and it was pretty basic until a met a certain gentleman on-line by the name of DM;) he has been my go too guy ever since I believe that I owned 2 rifles and...
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    Seeing some easing on reloading supplies.

    Well a fellow Saskatchewan Lad that is great to see. I am well stocked in most supplies;) but I do need 140gr. ABs in the 284 Calibre. Blessings, Dan
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    RADD- Rifle Addiction Deficit Disorder

    Well I started to get a grip on this disease and actually placed 2 rifles and a number of different components up for sale. I had a number of so called sales but each one fell through. When I asked it to go COD the buyer backed out and the other deals seemed good until I accepted their offers...
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    Final hunting load test in the 416’s

    That looks to be a great load with the kind of accuracy that shows great patience and marksmanship (y). I hope that you get to take that adventure one day in the near future! Blessings, Dan
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    Did ya ever....?

    I haven't done that yet :shock:. Mine is always ammo, I do up a load and then decide to take out a couple of other rifles as well, when I get to the range I set up my rifles and ammo in order that I want to shoot only to find that I have the rifles and forget the second milk crate with the ammo...
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    BlackHound optics?

    I have never seen one or even heard of that company up here north of the 49th. I look forward to hearing your report on them (y). Blessings, Dan
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    Rising Number of Bear Attacks?

    During the course of 50 some years hunting in Northern Saskatchewan I have had a number of encounters with Black Bears it seems in the cases I was involved with that the Bear minded his own business as did I :wink:. Now hunting with Mike, Gil & Gerhard in north eastern BC I was shown some...
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    That’s a wrap.

    Sorry to hear of your loss, it is never easy losing a close friend they never ask for much but give unconditional love. I often wish more people acted like our K-nine family. I pray that your retirement is long, healthy and full of adventure on your terms (y)!! Blessings, Dan
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    Burris Timberline 4.5-14

    Burris makes a fine piece of glass and I am sure it will do everything you ask of it. (y) Blessings, Dan
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    Can't wait

    Congratulations Mark, anything off the 284 is going to be a great set up and I too can not wait to see some photos and of course numerous Range reports (y). Blessings, Dan
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    Not Feeling It

    I know exactly the feeling, I enjoy getting out but my physical limitations are starting to really get me down. But I did have a good run after my open heart surgery with being able to hunt with 2 of my favourite human beings :wink:. I had the privilege of hunting with Dr. Mike & Gerhard in the...
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    Triggertech triggers.....

    I recently stripped down a Remington 788 and the safety & trigger are wornout. Does anyone know where I can pick up a Trigger/Safety assembly from either Remington themselves or from Timney as no other companies manufacture them for that particular model. Timney advised me that they are out of...
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    160gr .270win experience on Eastern Moose

    I have shot a 270win for over 40 years and I have been fortunate to have harvested every Big Game animal here in Saskatchewan using either the 130gr. Partition or the 130gr. Accubond. I have never felt under gunned with my 270win. PS. We have caribou here in Saskatchewan but can not hunt them...
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    My Divorce From Nosler

    WOW, I have been using Nosler products for over 40 years it is sad to see what is happening :(. It seems to a lot of companies that Customer Service is a thing of the past. Blessings, Dan
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    280 Rem or 280 Ackley?

    I own a RMR in the 280AI and it is my go to rifle :wink:. It has a 26" Krieger SSM barrel in a 1-9" and I shoot 150gr. ABLRs out of her using RL22 it is both quick and very accurate. I am about to change bullets to 140gr. ABs as I use my 35 Whelen for Elk & Moose so I want to try a little...
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    How much do you load up?

    I have been telling my wife that I am down sizing but I just re-did my old 340C in the 30-30 for my grandson. I also re-purchased a 243win in a BDL that I originally bought new for my oldest boy when he turned 12 he is now 41 (y). I am picking up powder for the 30-30 and I need bullets for the...