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  1. BruceP

    Nosler .25 cal 110 Accubonds

    Honestly I don't think that a lot of anything .257 caliber is being produced.
  2. BruceP

    Rem 350 Mag

    I understand not being able to seat it out further but can you not seat it shorter, or is the ogive the problem there.
  3. BruceP

    Rem 350 Mag

    I’m betting that you could play with the seating depth and get some if not all of that accuracy back.
  4. BruceP

    New Camera

    Vince you will never get me to agree with that because my wife is 5’1”. 😉
  5. BruceP

    New Camera

    The canon full frame cameras are awesome. At least the two I have. Don’t get me wrong the 50D cropped sensor I have is a good camera. But the 6D has a much more usable high ISO. I’ve read that the high ISO on it is better than the 5D IV but I haven’t had time to do a comprehensive test on that yet.
  6. BruceP

    New Camera

    Guy I’ve been a Canon shooter since I went digital and the latest is the 5D IV. I really like the images from the 6D I have and it’s not going anywhere but the 5D IV has a better autofocus system with a lot more focus points and I thought that might help with the wildlife. The hummingbird was...
  7. BruceP

    New Camera

    I got a new (to me) camera body a few weeks ago and am still playing around with it a little at a time when I can. The other morning I was sitting on the front porch drinking my coffee and trying to get a humming bird to cooperate and then the storm clouds started to roll past to the...
  8. BruceP

    Outrageous Prices

    While most everyone in this thread has been focusing on powder and primers, just take a look at some bullets. This might not be a popular post here but Nosler Ballistic Tips have been my favorite bullet since they came out, what 30 years ago. If I couldn’t get a gun to shoot a NBT then that gun...
  9. BruceP

    Tremont Mountain Laurel

    Thanks. I have been doing this for a long while. I just don’t get out to practice nearly as much as I should. This composition took me a while to settle on. My mind kept wanting the tighter view which I started with but that just wasn’t working.
  10. BruceP

    Tremont Mountain Laurel

  11. BruceP

    Bighorn Rams, Napping in the Sun

    I thought that I had replied to this post already. Guess my CRS is kicking in. Guy I love to see your Big Horn photos I especially like the second one posted with the close up.
  12. BruceP

    Hacked again

    The forum has been hacked again.
  13. BruceP

    Accurate Powders

    I’ve used a good bit of AA powders. Most was pistol powders. #’s 7 & 9 and a good bit of 5744 and the discontinued AA3100. I’ve also used 2015. I have had good results with all of them. I have never used 2520 but have always heard good reports about it.
  14. BruceP

    Smokey Mountains Cascade

    Bill you are lucky to live that close. It’s right at a 3 hour drive for me. My wife and I have made day trips before but since I love photographing the streams just after sunrise we usually don't go unless we can spend at least one night.
  15. BruceP

    Smokey Mountains Cascade

    There were a few fly fishermen but not as many of those as there will be in a few months either. 😆
  16. BruceP

    Smokey Mountains Cascade

    Thank you.
  17. BruceP

    Smokey Mountains Cascade

    Made it to the Smokey Mountains NP a week ago. Not as colorful or lush foliage as there will be a little later in the year but the heavy rains we have had lately have the streams and cascades running full.
  18. BruceP

    Favorite bullet mfg not named Nosler and why

    I picked Sierra because I have probably shot more of them then any other except for Nosler. Nosler BT and Sierra have always been the easiest for me to get good accuracy out of. Lately due to availability I have shot a good deal of Hornady and have gotten some good groups but usually have to...
  19. BruceP

    Who here loads for the 25-284 and the 6mm-284?

    Ernie, I don't have the cartridges you asked about but I have a load for my 25 creed using Staball 6.5 and 100 grain bullets that are shooting under 1/2 MOA to 500 yards with charges thrown with an RCBS Uniflow. With the burn rate it might be worth looking into for the cartridges you are looking...
  20. BruceP

    Reloading used to be cheaper

    Even at today’s component prices I can load premium loads tailored for my 270 Winchester rifle at just under $1 a load. I can’t buy factory any cheaper. Also I recently bought the first box of factory 223 Winchester silver box for $24 and 4 out of 20 rounds failed to fire in my TC contender or...