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  1. Dr. Vette

    A Bad Omen?

    I have one of those as well, received in a similar manner. As my former FFL was also a police officer he really got a laugh out of it.
  2. Dr. Vette

    Homemade Targets

    I use paper targets that I print, and then staple them to cardboard for a backing. When I get home, I mark the date, rifle, load, velocity, etc, punch them with a 3-ring punch, and put them in a notebook. That makes it easy to follow load development when you pick it up 3 years later. 😁
  3. Dr. Vette

    Retumbo for a 338 Win Mag.

    RL-19 and the 338 Win Mag are meant for each other
  4. Dr. Vette

    ok guys, big $hit going on

    I use my RCBS ChareMaster for initial throws (so to speak) then double check them on my Gempro250, which unfortunately is no longer available.
  5. Dr. Vette

    Brass weight variance.

    It's been show many times that weighing brass really proves nothing and has no usefulness, especially for the same headstamp brass. As you found, only by checking the actual capacity can you get any useful information.
  6. Dr. Vette

    bovine tuberculosis in deer

    That article is from 2018, and this isn't a new issue at all. There are a couple of counties in NE MI that have a special TB zone, and have for a long time.
  7. Dr. Vette

    Slippery Stock

    You can add webbing using Krylon Marbelizing Spray, available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc. Be sure to practice with it first and see what spray pattern "your" nozzle has. Also, they spray best if held vertical, not tipped down. You do NOT need to sand it first, just be sure it is clean. I use...
  8. Dr. Vette

    Vacation Part 2 Wbys

    Your 375 looks virtually identical to mine. Gloss action and barrel, green/black stock. My only gripe with the Bull Bag is that if you're not careful the V hugs the stock so well that you can torque the stock if you need to move the rifle "just a bit" to get on target. If it's not lined up...
  9. Dr. Vette

    Rain gear or easy to dry clothes

    Cory Jacobsen did an elk hunt there, and Randy Newberg has done sitka blacktail hunts. Both have reviewed what gear did - and did not - work for them. I'd search out those videos and podcasts for some tips.
  10. Dr. Vette

    Weatherby Ammo

    Correct. They have been since not long after their move to Wyoming.
  11. Dr. Vette

    Timney 870 Rem trigger fix kit

    Any time I'm near a sear I use a buffing wheel on a Dremel with Flitz polish, and polish them up. Go slow and be careful, and you'll be fine.
  12. Dr. Vette

    Timney 870 Rem trigger fix kit

    I bought a spring from this seller: I would suggest the 3# one, as the 2# in my 7400 is about 1.5 pounds.
  13. Dr. Vette

    Variables in velocity in load development for 270WSM

    This was my question - what chronograph and what conditions?
  14. Dr. Vette

    6.8 Western?

    Not Weatherby. "It was developed by Rick Jamison in 1997-1998 as proven in a 2005 lawsuit Jamison vs. Olin Corporation-Winchester division.[2] Jamison was given 7 patents on the cartridge design. U.S. Repeating Arms Company used the same concept and the same base case in creating its even...
  15. Dr. Vette

    elevated box stands

    I like hooks to hang my backpack and other objects. I often find the shelves covered in mouse droppings.
  16. Dr. Vette

    Ultrasonic Cleaner Suggestions?

    I use stainless media for brass, and ultrasonic cleaners for car parts, gun parts and other items. US is great for parts cleaning but just OK for brass unless you leave it in a long time.
  17. Dr. Vette

    Weatherby Mark V Accumark

    Silly question - have you bedded a rifle before?
  18. Dr. Vette

    Weatherby Mark V Accumark

    I would then bed the action. It's not much more work than just doing the recoil lug, and then it's done right. Accumarks are easy, as they are meant to be free floated, and the barrel channel is wide enough for some tape to center the barrel.
  19. Dr. Vette

    Weatherby Mark V Accumark

    Accumarks usually have a bit of epoxy holding the recoil lug. However, I have seen improvements by doing a real bedding job.
  20. Dr. Vette

    Top three firearm manufacturers

    Weatherby. I would have voted for Remington, but that company is on its 3rd recent life, and we have yet to determine if they're going to be any good. Unfortunately it really depends on when the rifle was made.