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    375 H&H Mag 260 gr E-Tip

    When I bought my WSM brass from Midsouth I checked their clearance items in reloading area and they had nothing for me but they did have these .375 projectiles. I don't know if the prices are good or not since it is not in my caliber ownership...
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    Hornady 300WSM brass in stock

    Checked ammoseek and three places popped up with Hornady brass Midsouth was cheapest.
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    Ramshot Big Game?

    For lighter bullets in 150 grain range otherwise you want hunter for 180 grain
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    Off topic Home Depot deal

    I just bought one will have to pick it up on Saturday but this is a pretty good deal to me. I'll use it for my tools on my hunt property but I could see this actually working as your reloading supplies, dies, tools, probably even put some powder in lower cabinet...
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    3030 and 125gn pills

    I know the nosler partition 170 grain round nose shoot great out of my 30/06. Bullet was made for 30/30. IMR 3031 is supposed to be a good powder for 30/30
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    Sig Brass?

    All SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammunition and Components are manufactured by SIG SAUER at its new state-of-the-art ammunition manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Arkansas to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles. For more information, visit...
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    Guy Miner costs me money!

    Everyone has become so much more cordial lately, even this kind bull helped this man find a new drinking bar to patron. I heard the bar even serves a new drink called painkiller that is selling like hotcakes.
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    270 Win

    Ramshot Hunter is good as well
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    7 mag Quickload request please - Results..

    Can you get Norma? Norma MRP is basically RL22. I have 4 lbs of the Norma and 6 of RL22, I have used the MRP not the RL22 yet. Norma seems to have stopped importing their powders into US so the Norma I have is likely the last I will ever be able to use. I have URP that is like 4350 and 203B that...
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    Anybody use these

    Those things were made at Chernobyl, highly toxic you should give them to someone you don't like here.
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    CCI LR mag primers Sportman Warehouse.

    I stopped in today the website said they still had stock as I was waiting for a worker at the counter I saw the back wall behind the register with the limit posted. I was not lucky though as they were sold out, they need to update their website stock.
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    Convert fps at 1300 ft of elevation to fps at 6500 fps
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    Hunter Powder

    I just noticed I have a recipe for Norma 200 grain Oryx bullet with Hunter in the 300 WSM. I bought some Super performance only to find out it works better with lighter bullets but Super works with 30/06 heavier bullets time to switch around powder.
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    Hunter Powder

    I did try a little bit of it with 180 grain Norma Bonstrike's and I get a little above what the Norma 30/06 factory ammo speed is and I show no signs of pressure.
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    Hunter Powder

    Just checked ammoseek and nothing it is weird as the Ramshot powders were the ones that were easier to find it might be having too many powder brands under one management team. What the hell happened to the laws about monopolies it seems their are only two powder company manufacturers left.
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    Staball HD

    Has anybody tried this powder yet? It's on sale if you call it a sale at PV. Everywhere else it is over $300 for 8 lbs.
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    CCI LR mag primers Sportman Warehouse.

    That happened to me last year they keep the primers by the register in gun department. You would think that there computer system would adjust when there is a sale but maybe it doesn't or stock is being stolen. They just hand you the primers and you go to the front you can make two sleeves of...
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    Poor Winchester brass quality control.

    This is weird in a way because their factory ammo must be up to par? I wonder do they sell the leftover brass that doesn't meet spec for their own reloading.
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    CCI LR mag primers Sportman Warehouse.

    Maybe it is just locally at this store or just got lucky with right guy the front counter said nothing. I was expecting just 200 myself which was fine as I had to go to pick up my stand otherwise to me it isn't worth the trouble for just 2 sleeves unless I was getting something else.
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    CCI LR mag primers Sportman Warehouse. This is my local store I had ordered a hunting stand and had to pick it up today so when I checked this morning online for their in stock primers...