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    270 Win

    The first powder I recommend for the 270 and 130s is RL22. Most seem to steer towards H4831, but RL22 has given me better velocity and accuracy in several M700s. Ramshot Hunter has also been very good.
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    180 Hornady RN.

    Looks great! If you've read Hal Bloods books or followed his podcasts tracking bucks in Maine, he prefers a very similar bullet, the 180 Core Lokt RN, which no doubt performs very similarly.
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    About to lose me as customer:(

    Keep an eye on Gunbroker too...expensive, but if you have a little time, might catch a reasonable deal too:
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    180 Accubond 300 Win Mag

    Great performance!
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    Battle of the 200 grn Round Noses

    These were out of my 358 Win. Sometime this spring I may put some more through at distance and maybe the 35 Rem too.
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    7mm 120 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip

    Can't ask for better than that!
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    175 ABLR 3065FPS 4th jug

    Haven't tried the ABLR yet but that'll do the job!
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    280 Rem with Rl 23

    One of these days I gotta get some RL23, I'll be interested in how it does in your 280.
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    Rebuilt 7 Mashburn Super

    Nice rifle and great shooting too! RWS is great brass, years ago I bought quite a few boxes of their ammo on clearance at Sportsman's Guide just for the brass (for around $17 a box) for my 270 and 280 and kicking myself for not getting more! Ironically the 130 H Mantle in the 270 shoots great...
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    160 gr Speer BTSP / 140 gr TTSX milk just test

    The Speer held up better than I thought it would.
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    Battle of the 200 grn Round Noses

    I finally got enough jugs and some time to try and catch the Winchester Powerpoint. I shot it at around 15-20 feet and caught it in the fourth jug. It was all in one piece and the core was firmly attached to the jacket. Recovered weight was 157.9 grains. Two small lead pieces were with it...
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    7mm Ballistic tips and Accubonds

    I wouldn't blanket ABs based on a sample of one. If you deer hunt long enough, stuff happens. My brother shot a nice buck one year with his 308 Win and a 150 Ballistic Silvertip. That deer ran 100 yards and almost made it onto a neighbors property.....and there were chunks of lung on the...
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    Battle of the 200 grn Round Noses

    JD338. They are a great bullet, about the only negative I would say is their accuracy isn't up to par with the Hornady or Sierra. But it's a hunting bullet and it's easily MOD (minute of deer). The sad thing is I don't think I've seen them for sale in at least 5 years, maybe more. I...
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    Battle of the 200 grn Round Noses

    It's easy to see why the 35 caliber Core Lokts have such a good reputation. Years ago I bought a bunch of the SP version as well. I found one in the gravel behind the target one time and it was in one piece as well and very similar to the RN here. Very tough bullet. I thought so too. Even...
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    Battle of the 200 grn Round Noses

    I was able to run out with some water jugs today and shoot them. I kinda screwed up a little and put the jugs at about 15 feet when I should have put them at 25 yards or so. The impact and hydro power of the first jug exploding not only put on a show, but it broke the board the jugs were on...
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    Battle of the 200 grn Round Noses

    I managed to score some 200 grain Winchester Power Points. Since I have several 35 calibers I could use them in, I figured I'd test the round noses I have in water jugs, then maybe some dry magazine or newsprint if I can get enough. Hopefully I can put them in some jugs within the next week...
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    270 win 130gr interlock SP

    Thanks guys. I agree that not only do these bullets perform well, they tend to be easy to get to shoot well in any decent rifle and won't break the bank. Especially at todays prices.
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    270 win 130gr interlock SP

    Great bullet, one took this buck with 58.0 grns RL22
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    35 Whelen project about to kick off......finally

    One of these day's I'll get one...
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    Federal 62grn Fusion VS deer

    Those look great. I have a bunch of the 62 grn TBBC's in Federal ammo I plan on using in a CZ American for my daughter this year.