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    Colorado is looking more like California....

    Colorado big game reg has been putting warning about getting lead out for years. I figured just matter of time before we have lead free ammo.
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    Opinions on Peterson Brass

    Been using Peterson brass for my 280AI and its pretty good brass.
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    280 Ackley

    I've done it. Rifle 280AI,27" lilja,1/9 twist, barrel,160gr AB,Fed 215,IMR-7828. I used Nosler data and their start load was 57.5gr/IMR-7828,Fed 210,2836 fps and max was 61.5gr/IMR-7828,3043fps. I used F-210 to start with 57.5gr /IMR-7827 @2916fps, When I switch to Fed 215 Primer same load...
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    280AI data

    Finally got around to chono few loads. Rifle, Rem action, 27" Lilja 1/9 twist barrel, Peterson brass, R-26, long throated. I used Nosler data for 175grABLR. My start load was 55.5/R-26 @2715fps, book load was 2697fps and I worked up to max 59.5/R-26 @2941fps. Its hunting rifle so 3 shot...
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    As I said I just shot few test loads. I don't chrono those loads and also give me chance adjust seating and decide if I want to use Nosler or Peterson brass. Same with Fed 210m or Fed 215. I load at range so doesn't take much to get good test loads to start with.
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    Finally got some R-26. I loaded up few test loads for 280AI using 175gr ABLR and was about 1" from existing load @ 100yds. Glad Nolser had some loading data.
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    Reloading Manuals Must Have

    Hornady X and Sierra Vl Manual have loading data for 308 Norma mag. I think you can get data on line may have to pay for it. Just looking, Hornady has better selection of powder, both use Norma case.
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    I do appreiate the help. I'm going to get some 160gr and try those then I'll work on loads the 165gr ABLR.
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    I have 270Wby and on Rem action with Rock Creek 26" barrel. I've had good luck with 150gr ABLR,IMR-7828. I've got couple boxes 165gr ABLR and need some loading data using IMR-7828, maybe QL. Thanks
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    First time in over 40 years.

    This is target we shoot at 100yds The enlarged the target 200,300yds. ... B089J8JRBH You had only one shot each bull and we shot 5 targets in relays plus we only could use 6x scope at all yardage. I also shot 6ppc match. I think on calm day the 30x47...
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    First time in over 40 years.

    viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11614 If you click on above under 22-250 seater is seater for 30x47. I have neck die and sizer for 30x47 After first firing I ran inside neck reamer. I shot HBR match with 30x47 and the 30x44. You should call owner of BIB and Randy should have...
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    The under-estimated 30-06... :)

    I have 2-30-06's one has 26" barrel other 25 1/2" barrel. Nosler has load of max 56.5 gr/H-4350 with 180gr Partition @2769fps same load in 26" barrel @ 2851fps. I use rifle bull elk tag.
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    Redding neck bushing for new Nosler 280 Ackley brass

    I'm little late. I use .311 bushing and inside is .281. Some may like little more or some like little less. I do clean up necks and most neck thickness varies .001". I measure 4 places on neck so I can get high/low and not using current brass, mine few years old. I had Wilson seater made...
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    New press! Love it!

    Glad to see someone making one. I've got smaller one made by Huntington, ... -Press.htm
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    30-06, unexpected chrono reading

    Hornady data for Superformane max is 59.3gr @ 2750fps for all Hornady 180gr/178gr bullets and start is 48.9gr @ 2300fps for 30-06. Did you do any workup loads or chronograph?
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    Neck Tension

    To fine tune you can get expanders from here. I use bushing and more set up for that and fine tune with those. K&M also make them ... -kits.html
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    Do barrels "get faster"?

    Read this again One example I've used frequently is the .300 RUM and .308 Winchester: The .300 RUM has just about twice the powder capacity as the .308, but does NOT produce twice as much velocity--a 100% increase. Instead the velocity increase, with the same bullet at the same pressure, is...
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    Do barrels "get faster"?

    SJB358, It was John Barnesss who post that.
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    Do barrels "get faster"?

    This was done over 24 hr Dunno either, and can only guess at what Steve's point is about Homer Powley and the 4-to-1 Rule. For those who aren't familiar with it, the 4-to-1 Rule is that any increase or decrease in the powder capacity of rifle cartridges of the same caliber results in about...
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    Ever had one of THOSE rifles?

    Sure did. I shot HBR with 30x44 and 30x47 both tight necks. I shot BIB 118gr and bullet he no longer makes. It was pretty good match rd and we never shoot pass 300yds. I get on BR site and last few years haven't heard much about either one but nice to see someone enjoy one. Good luck