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    How many of you are considering a tri-pod to shoot off of for hunting?

    I've been packing a tripod for over three decades. I use it for everything..... Obviously supporting a spotting scope, my binos for glassing, makes long term use easier, and better to find game..... Like the time I saw just the eye of a Mule Deer in Montana bedded down in Sage Brush. Accurate...
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    How many of you are considering a tri-pod to shoot off of for hunting?

    This is somewhat like the "4 Stable Sticks" I've tested. I thought it was a viable option, but I very quickly learned on uneven ground, and left to right adjustments (having to slightly pick up and move the legs) wasted time. I know a few hunters that use these, and like in Africa the three...
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    Black powder cartridge rifle....

    Troy, The guys up in Ponderay Idaho at Buffalo Arms mostly use Swiss 1.5 Fg for the BP Cartridges they load for. Swiss is considered the Best BP and I would have to agree considering it's what is used at the National BP Cartridge matches. Schuetzen is also a good powder but will not produce...
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    For Sale Sako 85 7 mm mag with scope

    Yah, I figured that won't last long..... Beautiful wood, great gun, and priced to fly out the door!
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    Redding Type S Neck die(s), 300 NM, 280 AI, and 6.5x47 lapua.

    Here it is:
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    Redding Type S Neck die(s), 300 NM, 280 AI, and 6.5x47 lapua.

    I'm not 100% sure but my best guess it is SAAMI spec. You could look it up, the P/N is 71428 for the die and see? I tried to attach a hyper link to the answer directly from Redding but it would not copy and paste it. That said it is SAMMI spec. I'd say as a Neck Die, I don't think the...
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    Redding Type S Neck die(s), 300 NM, 280 AI, and 6.5x47 lapua.

    I have these three Type S NECK die(s) sitting around and need to have them find a new home. $75.00 each they do NOT include a bushing, they are all in near perfect condition.
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    Bullet test went sideways

    Nice job..... I'm sure it will be tasty!
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    175 ABLR 3065FPS 4th jug

    Can't complain about that beauty! Nosler has always been The bullet to hunt with IMO for decades, and I'd still hold that true today if I still hunted as much as I used too.
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    Rebuilt 7 Mashburn Super

    Nice to see the finished product after the make-over, looks really nice Scotty. That's nice to see it's shooting well too! I had the last batch of 280 RWS brass Stateside a while back and sold them only because how short they were turning out in my 280 AI, amazing isn't it on how long they'll...
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    Trophy buck for Caleb

    Great story, and an even better happy ending for them all. Nice Buck BTW.
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    Introduction to the 30-378 Weatherby Magnum

    He was honest and to the point..... You gotta love him for that.
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    My Divorce From Nosler

    Not Cool at all.... Sorry you got shafted, it's clear someone is asleep at the wheel over their. A good gunsmith would drop everything and fix it and/or when a barrel becomes available. Maybe even pull some strings to quickly get one in his hands so your rifle is too!?!
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    20 in heavy barreled rifles?

    I wouldn't worry about it too much, you’re only talking about 100 f/s loss over a 24” bbl. The 1:10” twist will help stabilize your load over a 1:12, you'll end up with the same # of revolutions in a 20" bbl. Like Guy said, short barrels are stiffer than their longer counterparts, and tend to...
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    new 6.5 x 284 build

    This should be a real tackdriver when you get down to it! Fast twist is a good thing for the high BC long bullets. I used a 1:8" on my 300 NM TRG-42 when everyone thought WTF.... Now look at what bullets are being made. It seriously helped to stabilize bullets in the transonic zone which is...
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    I Got A Cannon

    Nice, that should be a lot of fun!
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    Winchester 73

    Very Nice..... My kinda gift!
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    A personal tragedy

    Wow, I'm very sorry to read this, my heart goes out to you Brain. Your son Cary like many others talk themselves into this is the only way out of what is so painful. I lost my brother to suicide when I 29 less than two years after my Father passed away. I just had a dear friend attempt...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Everyone! Wow, what a year right! We as humans have gone through countless hardships, illnesses, wars, famine and yet here we are! Christmas and the New Year always seems to be a time for celebration..... families getting together, and good cheer! I hope...