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  1. SantyCarol

    Quick Load on a Windows 11 machine.

    It's interesting how technology has evolved since your previous build with the Core i7 980X and Windows 7. It's great to see that you've adapted to a budget laptop with Windows 11 for your various needs. As for QuickLoad, I can understand your hesitation in placing the order, especially with...
  2. SantyCarol

    Fedx delivery/photo ID required

    I had a recent experience where I ordered some gunpowder for reloading on Natchez, and sure enough, the FedEx guy asked for my driver's license. It did catch me off guard because I hadn't heard about this new policy before. I get that they're trying to ensure safety and compliance with hazardous...
  3. SantyCarol

    Investment opportunity missed- Really???

    Ain't hindsight a wonderful thing, eh? Don't beat yourself up over it though, mate. Remember, in the world of investments, there's always another opportunity around the corner. As you said, some things just have that 'vintage charm', and others, well, they just hit differently. The trick is in...
  4. SantyCarol

    Planned Christmas Gifts?

    I will gift my Winchester 94 XTR AE in 30-30 to my daughter. It is in great shape and has beautiful wood on it. During our hunting trip, she wanted a lever action rifle this year. For her boyfriend, I finally found a new buttstock for his old Marlin 336 in 30-30, which is broken. As it is a bit...