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    Congrats Vince. About damn time.
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    2023 Trail Cam Pics

    I usually shoot the first 1 i see. Around here if you let it walk the next guy shoots it. And no matter how long you boil the horns they're still hard. LOL
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    180 grain AccuBond in the 300 Weatherby

    I never tried it but i think if you took a resized case that's .001 or .002 long and colored the neck with a marker it should scratch the marker off. Or peel some carbon off. I could be wrong.
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    180 grain AccuBond in the 300 Weatherby

    No idea on new rifles. I stopped trimming my cases to the trim to length. I trim to max length to cut down on the blow by. The outside of my necks have less carbon on them since i started doing it.
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    2023 Trail Cam Pics

    Jim it looks like you should nave a good season.
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    First snow 2023

    Love hunting in fresh snow. Problem is we usually don't have it here in PA for hunting season anymore.
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    180 grain AccuBond in the 300 Weatherby

    Old or new brass won't move much if the chamber is tight.
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    Square peg in a round hole!

    Outstanding craftmanship. Be neat to see it floating.
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    2023 Hunting Season

    Congrat's to the Ladies getting it done.
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    Great range time

    Good luck tomorrow. That's a good load you have there.
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    My dog Frankie

    Sorry to hear about Frankie. Always hard to put a animal down. You did the right thing. You'll never forget him.
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    Slow barrel 243, any suggestions??

    Try seating your bullets longer. My 6.5 prc load lost speed . I seated the bullets longer and got the speed back. Do you have a lot of carbon on the outside of the neck?
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    2-Kauger Black Widow Pistols Draw First Blood: Antelope (250 & 754 yards)

    Ernie the best thing i found for the pain while laying down was a inflatable pool raft under or between the legs.
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    2-Kauger Black Widow Pistols Draw First Blood: Antelope (250 & 754 yards)

    Congrat's to you and Dan. Did you have a lot of pain with the knee replacement? I had one done 12 yr's ago and still remember the pain.
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    Alaska BON

    Vince those misdemeanor should have disappeared long ago. Someone is pulling your third leg.
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    .360 Buckhammer

    I doubt 30-30 brass will work. Might be able to use 35 remington brass.
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    Guy Miner costs me money!

    Nice reloading room JD.
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    R26 Substitute powder!!

    Don't overlook magnum and stabal hd.
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    An Accomplishment Today

    Happy Birthday
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    Anyone seen any 500 / box of Berger 105 Hybrids lately?

    That's some awesome shooting at 600yds.