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    Anyone finding LR primers for sale? has CCI LR Benchrest @ $149/1K
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    Model 70 Mount and Ring recommendations...

    My vote would be a good Picatinny base with a set of TPS HRT rings.
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    M70 7x57 Featherweight

    You have acquired a real winner there. I've taken many whitetails with a 7x57 in Wisconsin from 40 - 274 yards and all have been one shot kills. That is a good thing since mine is in a Ruger #1AB.
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    Reloader 16 and 23 at Natchezss

    Has anyone seen any RL-22 available? My stock of that is totally depleted.
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    Can I fix a crushed shoulder?

    I would try fireforming using the COW method to try and save the cases.
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    Starline Brass

    I've been using more Starline these days. It started because it was available but I've found it to be good quality.
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    Same or Different?

    I gave up on BTs a long time ago but after reading these posts it looks like I should give them another try.
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    .257 heavies

    Companies failure to listen is why I shoot Speer bullets in my .257 Ackley.
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    Home defense shotguns

    I agree with Bruce, a 20 ga pump with a skeet choke and #2 or 4s is just about perfect. My wife would be intimidated by it either.
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    I don't have as much of a trespassing problem anymore but encountered it many times in the past. The worst was the one that had his blind off of my property but clearcut shooting lanes 80-100 yards into my property. Another time I had a person or persons fell trees across my driveway to limit my...
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    Gobblers not Gobblin’

    Frustrating when a bird with a brain the size of a grape can out smart you.
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    Gobblers not Gobblin’

    My season ended here in Wisconsin yesterday with the turkeys getting another win. Before season they where in my yard and could hear them gobbling in the morning when I stepped out on the front porch. During season I had difficulty locating a tom and when I did, they were not responsive. Most...
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    Pay It Forward

    I have a B-Square #16450 blued mount and rings that fits a Charles Daly Semi-Auto 12 still in the original package. It's free and I will pay the shipping to anywhere in lower 48 states.
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    I'm a casual user and own a Kimber Ultra Carry II .45ACP, Taurus PT1911 .45ACP, Browning Hi-Power 9mm, and a S&W Performance Center Shield 9mm. Hands down my favorite conceal carry piece is the Kimber. The Taurus and Hi-Power shoot well but are a little large for a conceal carry. The Shield 9mm...
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    Wet slate call solution

    Sorry Howie and Dan, But I still have the question.
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    Winchester 30-06 brass

    I was always a fan of Winchester brass. It was fairly consistant, easy to prep, produced great results, and lasted. All that said I have not bought any new Winchester brass since it is being marketed in the red packaging. It almost sounds like Winchester has gone to selling seconds to the...
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    Wet slate call solution

    Dan, Do you sell your strikers?
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    Ejectors vs Extractors

    If your a trap, skeet or sporting clays shooter you will usually prefer extractors so that you have your empty hulls remain in your O/U or SxS. This way you can retrieve your empties without chasing them. Leaving your empties on most ranges is frowned upon. Also, you now have them for reloading.
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    20 gauge for Turkey and Grouse

    I've not shot one of these guns but it is fairly light so I'm guessing it is going to recoil some in a 12 gauge. My thoughs would be the 20 gauge and the .410 bore. You didn't say how much shooting your wife does, it could make a difference on the selection.
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    Gobblers not Gobblin’

    I have the second season hear in Wisconsin that starts later this week. By now we've already had the special Learn-To-Hunt, Youth Season, and are in the first regular season so the birds have already heard a lot of calling. My hope is to find a small pocket that hasn't been hunted yet. I was...