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    Range Trip with my son & Friends

    Congrats on a nice day of shooting with friends and family. A real blessing to share this time with your son. Duane
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    Salmon Fishing in Idaho

    Beautiful picture…beautiful family moment. Duane
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    460 Bee day

    Well done. Nice rifle Fotis. Duane
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    Counting My Blessings

    What a wonderful perspective. Praying for your recovery. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you Lord for providing NYDAN with his family and skilled health care workers. Duane
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    New Tikka 6.5x55

    Nice rifle Dan. I am a Swede fan and would like to add one of those Tikkas to the stable. Glad to hear they’re available again. Thanks for taking us along on your load development. Well done. Duane
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    Shiloh Sharps 50 2 1/2”

    Nice!! Congratulations. Duane
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    Daughter shoots the Beretta

    Congratulations. Well done. Duane
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    Jackson Wyo.

    Thanks for sharing. Awesome pictures!! Wonderful picture of you guys and the beautiful scenery. God is good. Duane
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    Range Moments

    Very nice clip. Thanks!! Duane
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    7X57R + Vihta N555 load with Quickload

    Always start low and work-up. Cartridge : 7 x 57 R Bullet : .284, 140, Nosler AccuBond 59992 Useable Case Capacity: 52.959 grain H2O = 3.439 cm³ Cartridge O.A.L. L6: 2.992 inch = 76.00 mm Barrel Length : 23.6 inch = 599.4 mm Powder : Vihtavuori N555 *C*T...
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    New Bullet Stop

    Well done, Dan. Duane
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    Nilgai hunt

    Congratulations TD! I’m looking forward to following your experience on this adventure. This is a hunt my son and I would like to do. Have a great hunt!! Duane
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    Barge, Plane Ticket, and Resignation

    Congratulations Vince. Happy for you and wishing you the best. Duane
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    My little valley

    Beautiful. I didn’t know this existed. Thanks, Duane
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    Want to upgrade my chronograph

    This is what I use. Definitely go with the battery pack. I am satisfied with this package and would buy it again. Duane
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    BF375 P64 270 & 30-06

    Nice!! Congratulations. Duane
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    Shot scores of rabbits with my Crossman 22 pellet gun in the late fifties before graduating to my grandfathers .22 caliber Model 62 Winchester, in the early sixties. Did all of my rabbit hunting on our and the neighbors Iowa farms. Didn’t have any trouble getting permission from the neighbors. I...
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    Bore Scope

    I have a wifi one too. I like it…but I don’t have enough experience to always know what I am seeing or if it is something to be concerned about. Duane
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    Another beauty inbound.

    Very nice!! Congratulations. Duane
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    Remington 700 rebarreled

    Nice!! Jack O’C would be proud.😉 Duane