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    257 Roberts +P Quickload Request

    That is a powerful, flat shooting load out of a short barrel. Maybe I'll have to try RL22 in my Ruger UL...
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    New Acquisition

    Tons of good loads for the 375 H&H. I would start with appropriate powder(s) you already use. I shoot 250gr Sierras, Win 760, Win primers and Remington brass. I only push them to 2700fps. Trajectory very similar to a 180gr 30-06 load. Recoil is very manageable and much less than full house 270gr...
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    .358 Win Users

    The 358 is one of my favorites and I hunt with it a lot. Deer, moose and elk. Two things I always consider: 1. Max range I have retained velocity for reliable expansion. I don't know your numbers but will bet you'll be at around 1800 fps at around 250 yds. 2. Max range I can hold on hair and POI...
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    .45-70 Questions

    There are a lot of Ruger #1s and #3s out there...
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    .45-70 Questions

    The 405 gr loads are typically around 1300 fps. The 300 gr load should be around 1800 fps. Any will whack a deer. They likely will not shoot to the same point of aim. I use 300 gr bullets because that's what shoots the best in my rifle.
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    .358 Winchester

    I had originally loaded 200 gr Hornadys when I started messing with the 358. They shot well and worked on whitetails. The best velocity I could get was a little over 2500 fps. I get right at 2450 fps with the 225 gr Partitions and Sierras and that's not a "hot" load. That's with a 20" barrel...
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    .358 Winchester

    It can be... but some things to consider. As Fotis said with a BLR it's too long and seating it deep is not a good option. You'll use up useful case capacity and the fact ABs like a jump just makes it worse. If you have a bolt gun with a longer magazine and appropriate throating it could work...
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    "Front Shoulder" and other terms...

    If there is an "off" shoulder, then there must be an "on" shoulder... and everything I shoot "drops in their tracks" (except what I wing-shoot). :wink:
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    Ruger M77

    Hawkeyes are the same as the MKIIs except for the roll mark, finishes and stocks. Same action.
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    Can be a controversial topic. I crimp all my reloads. I don't target shoot other than prep for hunting. Hunting ammo is subject to a lot more "abuse" than just loading it up, putting it a nice box and taking it to the range and shooting it. I don't worry too much about bullet pull or setback...
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    375 Number One to the range!

    Those pads were to protect the rifle, not the shooter...;-)
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    Browning or Marlin

    I have a Model 65/218Bee. Go Browning. I won't go into the history but there is no compelling reason to choose a Marlin unless you are a big Marlin fan and/or have something in general against Browning/Winchester.
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    Safety in Bear Country

    Yes they do... and for good reason. Good info there.
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    Tell Me Why

    Only if you don't need/want the extra 100yds plus/minus range advantage over your 30-06... and the extra recoil.
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    One make of rifle only?

    Almost all my rifles are Rugers - MKlls, Hawkeyes and #1s. I have a couple of short action BLRs. The first one I purchased to get a 358Win as it wasn't available from Ruger at the time. The 2nd BLR in 300WSM, I bought due to my experience with the first. I have since acquired a Hawkeye in...
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    Another pressure question.

    More the action than the brass. While some cartridge designs are more prone to stretching etc. than others ultimately it is the action that holds pressure. The brass is more or less a gasket. See "Ruger Only" loads...
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    Best Bedding Method for older Mod 77 tang safety .338?

    Bed it like you would any rifle. Just make sure that big lug takes the recoil and the rear of the action and tang have some relief and the mag box doesn't bind. Try it with the barrel floated. If it doesn't shoot the way you want floated I would do the whole channel vice a pad at the end.
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    338 Win Mag

    Never thought of the 338WM as "the little train..." :o
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    The old “two-close-together, one-out” group syndrome.. Help!

    It may or may not be "flyers". It may just be indicative of the true group size. Three shots is ok to check zero but is not definitive to establish grouping ability. How does it shoot off of bags vs bipod?. If it ends up consistently shooting into two small groups I would suspect bipod or...
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    Best bolt action military rifle of all time?

    I think history has already decided that question. The '03 Springfield & P-17 Enfield are essentially Mausers with some changes. The Swede is a Mauser. The Krag, while a fine action, is not in the same league as a battle or hunting rifle. If you could have one prime example to build a custom...