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    contender loads

    There was an organization called IHMSA, International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Assn. Tremendous amount of handgun and Contenders loads. If you can pull up any of their information, you will have a bonanza of load information. We shot out to 200 yd or meters and you had to knock over the...
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    The absence in the market place

    Or to NE Texas, like Lehigh Defense did. Thanks Daniel
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    The absence in the market place

    Why has some bullet manufactures ( Hornady & Lehigh Defense) produce rather good numbers of bullets and other manufactures seem to have disappeared? I don't have a clue as to what Hornady is producing but Lehigh is producing about 400,000 bullet per week!! That is not their talk but actual...
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    Giraud Brass Trimmer - New Offering

    Well, for the first time in my life, I was WRONG!!! LOL The shaft on the Trim-IT is .375 inches. You might find someone that could turn it down. Thanks Daniel
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    Giraud Brass Trimmer - New Offering

    I will measure the shaft on the TRIM-IT II, I don't think it is over .250 inches. I would be concerned with the router rpm's, not sure but thought they were FAST.
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    Moving To Arkansas

    What town are you close too? I live in Texas but every November, I buy non-resident tags and hunt WT's in Arkansas. Thanks Daniel
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    Giraud Brass Trimmer - New Offering

    Greenhead, I have a TRIM-IT II with 4 or 5 calibers . It works great but adjusting it for each caliber is slow and tedious. Once adjusted, you can run brass thru it just as fast as you can pick one up. It trims and chamfers and deburs all at the same time. You don't change out the cutter...
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    7mm Mauser - Even better with age!

    Several years ago, maybe 10, I purchased a used Remmy Mountain 7x57 for the wife. We were planning an elk hunt and needed something more that the 25-06 she normally shot. I finally found a very good load for the rifle after many tries. She loves it with Nosler 120 BT's at about 2800. She has...
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    Jeep Wrangler hunting vehicle

    FWIW, Anyone looking at new Jeeps of any kind, may want to look at CONSUMER REPORTS latest write ups about them. Thanks Daniel
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    Heart Attack while Hunting

    I had 3 heart stents in March 2004 and they worked great till early July 2020. Walked to the mailbox and back , about 400 yds. Dr had told me to always tote the Nitro pills , which I did have in the house. Took 2 and felt better. Long story short, Had 4 bypass surgery 4 days later. Funny...
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    I have been shooting H-380 (47 gr) with 140 TSX in my 7-08 for 15-18 years with no problems. Shot deer in Canada near 0 degrees to 75+ degrees in Texas with no know problems. It also runs good in my wifes 7x57 using 120 Nos BT. Daniel
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    Colt Python

    By NEW PYTHON, do you mean the one Colt had recently started making just before CZ bought Colt out? Rumor has it the CZ Is going to start over with the PYTHON.
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    25-06 LOAD

    ShadeTree, You must have read my mind. I have one more attempt with the partitions and if that doesn't produce, I will be thru with Nosler partitions. I have a reason for wanting to shoot the partitions but there are other manufactures that should do the job I want done. Thanks Daniel
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    120g partition

    Yea, If only I could get the 115 or the 120 to shoot. Tried everything I know to get them to shoot in my gun. Ready to give up and give somebody some freebies. Daniel
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    25-06 LOAD

    CLEARWATER, Do you know what the load is? What is the COAL? Some of the data show a COAL of 3.250, others show 3.080. I don't think copper is a problem but will give it a extra good cleaning before the next trip to the range. Thanks for the information. Got out of town company coming tomorrow...
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    25-06 LOAD

    I am having a heck of a time developing an accurate load using the 115 & 120 Partition. I have tried about everything I can think of to no avail. I have a load using the 115 Ballistic tip and 51 gr of RL-22 that makes one hole in the wife's Tikka but the partitions make a hole here and another...
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    H4350 doggone it!

    I was in my lgs today and saw 20+ lbs on his shelf. Course I saw the reason, 42$ plus tax for a pound.
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    7x57 AI loads

    Dr.Mike, you are fantastic!! I now have enough information to keep me busy for a while after deer season, which is good cause Jan & Feb are good for reloading. Thanks. Daniel
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    7x57 AI loads

    I have RL-16,17, 19, and 22. Have some varget and some IMR 4350. I am willing to use whatever will shoot good and I know that a fantastic load in one gun may not be so good in another. Really want a long range load that will do the job out to 600 yds, maybe 800.
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    7x57 AI loads

    Anyone have any loads for the 7x57 AI? Have found some loads for the 7x57 but are for the older mauser actions and MV is on the low side. I am loading for the Rem 700 action.