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  1. MorllEySwenseL

    Salmonchaser goes to Africa

    Sounds like you guys had quite an eventful first day! I'm so glad to hear that Catherine's efforts to get her interpreters out of Afghanistan have finally paid off. It's always great to start a trip on a positive note. I hope the rest of your journey went smoothly. In regards to your flight, I...
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    American Gunsmithing Institute

    It is often just enough to take some courses to get a profession or develop in your favorite direction. Nowadays, you don't need to go to college or university to spend several years studying. Young people are very skeptical about higher education nowadays. Of course, this does not apply to...
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    160 gr AB verses a black bear

    Wow, thanks for the good photo
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    Nosler reload data over Sierra Bullets

    Congratulations to you, I like it
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    7mm 120 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip

    It looks great
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    7mm-08 150 Accubond

    Hello everyone, thanks for the information and advice
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    2021 Missouri Firearms season

    A nice trophy for an exciting hunt
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    Sometimes It Is Not Enough - PULL THE TRIGGER

    It's really cool
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    Caliber and Bullet Questions For First Yukon Hunt

    I understand you, I wish you good luck!
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    On game performance.

    Hi, this is a wonderful story, I'm impressed!
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    Va Elk Lottery Hunt

    Hi, thanks for this post
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    Smoking beef jerky

    Thanks for the recipe. I'll have to give it a try. It seems that if you let the meat crack, it will be stored longer and take it with you on the road safer. I once tried a jerky I found on . For the sake of interest, I tried it with a smoky flavour. Now I prefer...