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    Should I Take The 6.5 To Alaska

    You might consider trading it off or adding a Good 'ol 30-06 while still in the lower 48 where your options and pricing are better. Little doubt it would be a more all-around cartridge for up there. I've been to Alaska once, on a pipeline project in the far North general "neighborhood" of...
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    AR varmint bullet

    I think you had it figured out at the easy button. We know they shoot well. We know they come apart. We know they have been the most readily available of the varmint types as of late. Add the Nosler Varmageddon to that list also. Keep it easy, keep it simple, be happy.
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    Bucket Rifle

    6mm Lee Navy in original unaltered condition. I'd settle for a Ross though.
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    8mm RM

    Can't help you with the big 8, but I think you'll be looking a long time for anything with an R in front of it. I have seen the 4831s lately though.
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    Another beauty inbound.

    Well I'm bored today, and curious, so I did some digging. You're into well heeled territory here, but I'd give these guys a call and see what they come up with if you really want it. Either that or figure out the 9.3x74R conversion. For light hunting or target shooting, a .41 Mag bullet will...
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    Another beauty inbound. I briefly owned a .405 Win Rem Rolling block...lucky estate sale find. I was talked out of it and needed the money more than a hard hitting single shot. In the time I owned it, I discovered that brass can be formed from 9,3x74R...
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    ****Hackers back again...Sent a few messages out...looks like we got hacked

    I wonder what the scam is? How does somebody make money out of posting airline booking whatever's (didn't click on any) on a reloading site? Phishing for clicks?
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    Accurate Powders

    I USED to think that about IMR 4064!
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    Accurate Powders

    I've recently worked with AA 4064 and AA 2495. The 4064 was to work up a Garand load. I found it performed at least as well as the IMR 4064 I had been using, with the benefit of improved metering. Got fine accuracy at 47 and 48 grain charges under a 155 BTHP. The 2495 I had also purchased as...
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    175 Speer Grand Slam

    I've shot a lot of deer with the 145 gr Version from a .280 Rem. I think of it as a Hot core +. I'm not stomping on them, running around 150fps below max, in the 7mm-08 range. They open up well, and drive through. I hunt big deer near the Canadian border, they're a bit tougher than what you...
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    Strange find in 7600 Rem!

    A 141 is a bucket list gun for me, as is an 81 in .300 Sav. Those old Remingtons just scream nostalgia, and they still hunt well. Probably one of the reasons they are bringing so much money. I should have bought the above 2 when Winchesters were hot, Remingtons not several years ago. Now...
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    Strange find in 7600 Rem!

    Beautiful rifle! I got in just ahead of the super craze, in early 2021 and picked up a 760 in .300 SAV. I was bidding on a 7600 in 30-06 and a .35 760 in the same auction. The .35 quickly went into collector was nice. Got down to which I could get for less between the .300 and...
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    Neck Sizing die....does that solve the problem - sort of ?

    Your .250 Savage has significant taper, comparable to most military rounds. I would simply move your FL die up until the shoulder is not bumped significantly. This will likely improve accuracy, and will most certainly improve case life. I load for a lot of military metrics, and this procedure...
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    760 35 Remington.

    I did find out my OEM .300 Sav marked magazine is worth upwards of $125, or more than half of the purchase price of the rifle with auction commission, so I've shelved that one in favor of a 6mmRem one I found in a dusty box at a local gun store for $15 for field use! A couple of file strokes...
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    760 35 Remington.

    I picked up one of the beasts last winter at auction in .300 Savage. Despite the fact that it looks like it was used as a canoe paddle, tent stake driver, and war club, it still shoots pretty dang good. I bought a ratty one on purpose as I wanted a serviceable hunting arm of this model without...
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    maple stocked rifles

    I kind of have a love/hate relationship to the looks. I think the next stock I do will be maple. It is more expensive as a higher grade must be used than with walnut to get a handsome stock. As for shooting charachteristics, I've heard mixed reviews. Some love them, some have had issues...
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    Hot Cors and Interlocks

    I've downed a lot of deer with .308/150 hot cores over the decades. They tend to be accurate across loads/rifles loaded to "factory" COL...a very forgiving bullet. My experience is from 300 Sav to .308 win velocities, and mostly relatively close shots but some up to 200 yards, and they are...
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    Peterson Cartridge brass

    I have just gotten my feet wet with my .280 Rem brass from them, and so far am greatly impressed. Brass appears to be of high quality. Weighed a sample, and consistency is better than my Nosler/Norma. Annealing "feels" spot on in sizing. Fired the best groups ever in this rifle with it...
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    Is there anything wrong with...

    Wasn't it you that had an M99 in .22 Savage Hi Power? Or was it .250?
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    Loads that have stood the test of time

    4.5 Gr Unique with a 158 LRN in .38 Spl. This load is a few generations older than me, and it still dings targets and takes bunnies in the woods with little meat damage. Due to various shortages, I've shuffled the powder selection a bit but kept the same performance levels. Rationing my...