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    Bucket Rifle

    I haven't be afflicted with pre'64-itis, but a Supergrade .300 H&H is definitely on the list.
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    New/Old Brass

    I would just load them to your normal procedure. If you always anneal, then go ahead. If you don't normally anneal, then don't. If you sometimes anneal, then just slide them into your normal rotation.
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    New addition...we will see how it goes

    Yes indeed.
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    Bucket Rifle

    .470 double. I don't have much in the way of preference in maker. Just so it fits gigantor me and looks suitably British.
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    AR varmint bullet

    I used to shoot a TON of 40gr. BTs out of my 1:7 Colt... never noticed them coming apart...
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    6.8 Western

    I may have been tough once, but I'm old now.
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    RADD- Rifle Addiction Deficit Disorder

    Not much chance of that... I'll hunt with rifles I actually like. I have plenty of those.
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    Best choke tube lube?

    Though I've been guilty of engaging in arguments about motor oil/two stroke oil/chainsaw bar oil, I've come to the conclusion that WHAT you use is far less important than HOW you use it, assuming you use something even close to appropriate for the application.
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    Gun Show Rifle

    That's a new production rifle? 1:8 seems to indicate so. That should be a great rig!
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    RADD- Rifle Addiction Deficit Disorder

    A .270 Winchester? Nope, you can always rebarrel, I suppose....
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    Gun show his weekend

    Last gun show I went to I was still living in Colorado, so maybe 2000? It was probably my least unpleasant experience at a show, but I still haven't been back in 2+ decades.
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    Hey, man, long time! How are you doing? Still living out in the sticks? I still haven't done anything with that LA700 I picked up from you.
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    6.8 Western

    Well, it ain't going to beat as much of the stuffing out of you during long strings of fire, that's for sure....
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    6.8 Western

    yeah, it's a lot easier cutting 2" off than adding a couple...
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    175 Speer Grand Slam

    I think you'll be fine. The Grand Slam is a tougher bullet, with a hard core toward the base and a softer core at the tip... kinda like a Partition without the guilding metal separating the two cores. I run them in my Whelen... one of the local shops in Lewiston was selling blems buy the pound...
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    Remington 700 rebarreled

    Looks good, man!
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    6.8 Western

    Are you pointing that at me? lol I talk a lot of junk about the .270 Win, but somehow I had four of them at one time. Love JOC, never like the .270. Perfect donor rifle. I do kinda like the WSM, in fact I have an M70 in .270 that I had plans to try to make into a long range steel/paper gun...
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    Maven Optics

    That CRS2 4-16x44 looks pretty interesting...
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    Investment opportunity missed- Really???

    Yeah. I had an old Weaver 4-12x on my 6mm. Even the cheap Bushnell that ended up on it was a YUGE improvement.
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    Evil Black Rifles... 6mm ARC