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    .308 165 grain ballistic tips

    I will grow old before I see another 225, .358 PT again. Doubt they will ever produce them.
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    2023 Bullet Wish List

    .358 225 grain Partition. They haven't done a run in years. Perhaps never will.
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    Own any rifles you haven't shot?

    Only one. A Springfield heavy barrel "T" model. Build in 1927 for long range target . Missing the top half of the aperture sight. Suppose I should fine one and get it to the bench.
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    250 Gr Pt in a 358 Win

    Do you think they will expand enough?
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    250 Gr Pt in a 358 Win

    What is the consensus on the 250 grain Partition at 358 Win speeds? I have a couple of hundred. I ran out of the 225s. I would be loading fir a Browning BLR. Varget, Tac, and BLC-2 for powders. Might get 2300 fps. Will be used for Roosevelt Elk at 150 yds or less. I've given up waiting to...
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    Who's hunting with a lever-action this year?

    Four actually. A BLR on .308 and a Savage 99 in 300 for deer. A .358 BLR and a Marlin guide gun in 45-70 for Elk.
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    Lee Pacesetter dies.

    Shade Tree. I see what you are saying, I think I will need a different sizing die for necking up. The Pacesetter is designed to slip if an obstacle is encountered. Thanks for the input.
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    Lee Pacesetter dies.

    Ordered from midway on sale. Not I'm pressed. No way to lock the die nut. It has a O ring. When you remove the die, everything you set comes undone. Not a positive locking system. Also, these .358 Winchester dies will not size up .308 cases. The expander is designed to slip, not break on...
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    45/70 Gov't - 350GR Hornady F.P Interlock (on African game)

    I am loading the Hornady 350 at approx 1700 fps. Intended for Roosevelt Elk. Do you think the slower speed might mean more penetration? Via slower expansion?
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    300 Savage and Tac?

    All good info. Thanks guys. SJB358, that's likely where I'll end up.
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    300 Savage and Tac?

    I found info on 24 gr8 Campfire that suggested Tac at 41 grains max. Any here have experience with that combo? Coponents are: 150 grain Sierra and Speer flat base spitzer. WRL primers. New hornady cases. 22 inch barrel 1954 Savage 99 I do have Accurate 2520, which has good book data for...
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    300 Savage loads.

    Thanks everyone. Polaris, good point about the flat base shorter bullets. Thanks again.
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    300 Savage loads.

    Dr Mike. Thank you for that. Shows how close in performance those powders are. Seems Tac may not be the best with 150 or 165 grain loads. Why would you not use the Etip? I was thinking it may make a usefull elk load without buying 180 partitions. 180 gr loads seem mighty slow out of the...
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    300 Savage loads.

    Just picked up a 1957 , 99. 300 Savage. I have Etip 150 and Hornady 150 interlocks, 165 Sierra go. I have Tac, Blc-2, 3130, Re 15. Read in bandleader magzine of Tac with 125 it's giving high velocity, and Re 15 fast with 165s. Any advice/wisdom on this. Seems some of the newer powders...
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    Bull elk, shot placement & more

    I would happily use my .358 winny, putting a 225 partition on that dot or a little left. Sitting, using sticks.
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    Speer 250 grain. .358 bullets

    Gentlemen, how would this bullet or the 250 partition do for .358 Winchester velocities? 20 Inch BLR.
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    Blacktail hunt 2017

    I find blacktails the most challenging deer to hunt.
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    Really nice rifle. I like the heftier barrel profile. Should be really steady.
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    Least favorite gun to clean!!!

    My Browning BLRs. For a good action clean, I take off the butt stock and forarm and blast it clean with brake cleaner. Then a light relubing. Have to do the barrel from the muzzle.