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  1. RL338

    280 AI, 132gr Tipped Hammer

    Looks ready to hunt👍
  2. RL338

    Brass questions?

    I would be worried about how many times it was fired and sized back 0.010”.
  3. RL338

    2023 Hunting Season

    Congrats to Danielle on her 8 pointer👍 I see someone had the easy job of taking picture😁
  4. RL338

    Which monolithic bullet for tough game with 300 Win Mag?

    I also have some E-Tips that I will work with next year. The 260gr for my 375 Wby , just waiting for my new stock.
  5. RL338

    Which monolithic bullet for tough game with 300 Win Mag?

    Barnes TTSX has been a go to bullet for me. 300 WM either the 165 or 168 should give you good results. I use the 165gr TTSX in my 300 Wby.
  6. RL338

    Reloading Press Service Question This stuff I use it anywhere there is metal to metal contact. Great stuff on neck turning mandrel also.
  7. RL338

    Retumbo & RL-23

    Blue Collar Reloading show 1lbers in stock.
  8. RL338

    7mm-08 Quick load data

    That’s quite a speed demon of a 7mm-08
  9. RL338

    LR mag primer

    With a 20” barrel powders in the 4350 burn rate will give you better results. With RL-26 a longer barrel will be needed to take advantage of this pixie dust.
  10. RL338

    404gr Shock Hammer 460 Wby

    My son has the 378 Wby , I built myself the 375 Wby instead. Given Wby prices you might be able to build a nice 378 for less.
  11. RL338

    280 AI, 132gr Tipped Hammer

    Looks good👍
  12. RL338

    404gr Shock Hammer 460 Wby

    No worries on this end. Funny part I was planning on doing a 7mm-378 when I rebarreled my 30-378. Then there comes a point of serious overbore with no improvement , so I went 28” 30-378.
  13. RL338


    Looks like a group of “olds” had a good time😁
  14. RL338

    404gr Shock Hammer 460 Wby

    Ya his engine fell out the bottom. This round would be very interesting shot into a gel block. Thanks I love my 416 and the 460 is just as much fun. That Bullsbag really cuts back on the felt recoil. Thanks , its going to get deboned and my son will be taking when we get time. Tomorrow...
  15. RL338

    Shooting Bags/rests

    I really have positive opinion on this bag. Yesterday was the first time I was able to put it to work. Holds the rifle very steady and tames the recoil of my cannon by a huge margin.
  16. RL338

    404gr Shock Hammer 460 Wby

    Yesterday I put 1 of the 404 to use on a small whitetail. At 75 yds it basically turned him inside out. At that distance impact energy was 7150ft/lbs. After 7 years the 460 Wby earned its place on the meat pole.
  17. RL338

    today's deer was full of surprises...

    Congrats on an unusual looking rack. It must have taken some serious force to snap that tine off in him.
  18. RL338

    Well okay then. Read the sign:

    It’s obvious for the slow learners😁
  19. RL338

    Little range time!!

    Looks like you have a pair of winners on your hands.
  20. RL338

    Need Quikload for new 338-06 please

    These are the cat’s meow when it comes to aftermarket triggers.