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    Didn't blow my face off

    Those tikka's seem to always impress.
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    Polar Bear, 1920

    Great pic and story.
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    Enough for elk?

    For sure plenty of elk have been taken with less cartridge. Wiser folks than I will tell you that it's mostly the bullet and where it hits. Good luck! chs
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    Canvas Tents

    Guy, Made any progress with your tent? I followed the advice of a couple friends who have them and bought a Davis. It was delivered during our snow debacle. Right after that we had a week of heavy rain so all I can say about them is they look good while still in the box it came in! :>) So...
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    404 Jeffery

    Sorry guys.............. none of the pictures took. Not sure why but, what a buzz kill..................
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    404 Jeffery

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    Elk done--Ibex next

    This is great news April, Very good to hear her getting it done! Hope that sprin trip turns out even better! chs
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    A great 2018 Wyoming hunt

    Those are some nice animals! Hard to beat success on every front............. :>)
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    375 H&H AI - 260 Partition - 7 Jugs

    I think the better question is.................what rifle doesn't Scotty have? :mrgreen:
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    2018 Wy bucks

    You guys did well! A couple of those are brutes!
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    open, fixed, variable or all three

    Very interesting................... If the brand new loupy of mine takes a crap I might consider the trijicon.............
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    30-378 Weatherby

    Yet another leupold gone bad................. Glad the new barrel is working out and not a bad group!
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    I have not but a friend has several issues.
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    340 Weatherby

    [/b] Agreed! I ended up putting a Vias brake on it. Not really necessary for shooting but it does keep muzzle jump controlled from the bench. My only complaint against Wby's is their trigger. Admittedly I'm a trigger snob so a 2 lb. timney also found it's way on this rifle. Using low...
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    340 Weatherby

    April, I think the reasons have been already stated. And on this site there are many who have a real appreciation for some other cartridges and classics that will pretty much do what the 340 will do or at least 99%. In reading the Bear's post I can't make an argument against anything he...
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    40mm Or 50mm Scope Lenses

    For me it's quality over objective size. Coatings and quality of how they are applied contribute to how much light transferred to your eye. So much so that many 40mm objective scopes see better than some 50 mm objective scopes. I'm also a huge fan of a cheek weld. It's got to be set up so...
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    Hollywood leaves out planting of American flag

    Just read where a movie has been made about the first man on the Moon. The controversy is over the leaving out where Neal Armstrong plants the American Flag. It's been my policy to see movies (it's not often anymore) to avoid politics. When I hear of a movie going that way I avoid it...
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    OAL vs. magazine box length

    Thanks folks..................
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    7mm Mashburn Super 175 Woodleigh RL33

    That combo right there ought to be the deal. What's the game this year for this load? Obviously elk, bull this year?
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    OAL vs. magazine box length

    My concern regarding this question is strictly for feeding. For the rifle in question accuracy is a secondary concern. Flawless feeding is upmost. Thanks.....chs