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    Undersized BT

    I ran into the opposite issue with 168 Barnes TTSXs awhile back - bullets appeared to be slightly oversized. I discovered this issue when I noticed that my previously accurate load for my 300 WSM (58.0 g RL-15) went south in the accuracy department. Thinking that barrel throat erosion may have...
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    308 Win QL Request for TTSX

    Thanks for trying. After doing some google research, it seems that Quickload may not include 2000-MR data based on post in other forums - perhaps Alliant not sharing its data with Quickload?
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    308 Win QL Request for TTSX

    Not sure what GRT is (its been years since I viewed/posted on Nosler Forum), but I would be much appreciative if you could send me the data. Is their anything I have to do on my end to recieve it. Thanks.
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    308 Win QL Request for TTSX

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone could run a QL query for me - specifically for a Tikka .308 Winchester with 22", 1:11" Twist barrel launching a 168 g Barnes TTSX over Alliant 2000-MR. I've found an excellent load using this powder with 165 grain Federal Trophy Bonded Tips. However, availability...