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  1. Darryle

    Two Boys Shot and Killed in Separate Hunting Incidents

    Dang, prayers for the families
  2. Darryle

    Yemen and British Cargo Ship

    Hostess Ding Dongs and Twinkies Can't say I blame them
  3. Darryle

    today's deer was full of surprises...

    I like character in a rack, size no longer matters
  4. Darryle

    The Government Just Won't Give Up!

    Wait, undocumented bears? What's this world coming to?
  5. Darryle

    Starline Srp 6.5 creed brass

    Exactly my thoughts. I ran a pretty hot load thru the 260, no issues, switched the barrel to a 6 Creedmoor and pierced primers, craters and even blown primers. Load was a factory Federal blue box, velocity was all over the place. Started getting wonky cycling issues. Reached out to Slash about...
  6. Darryle

    Starline Srp 6.5 creed brass

    Yes Never had an issue with 243, 260, 7mm-08, 308, 338 or 358, just 6 and 6.5 Creedmoor and certain loads.
  7. Darryle

    Starline Srp 6.5 creed brass

    I didn't have issues with certain bullets either, but when the threshold was reached, it became a problem. Measure the pin, it will probably save you a lot of heartache and components.
  8. Darryle

    Starline Srp 6.5 creed brass

    Measure your firing pin diameter, bet it is .075" If you don't have a small HP diameter firing pin, you will solve some of the problems with pierced primers in the large frame AR by using one.
  9. Darryle

    6.5 Lancer ??

    Here is my 6.5-280 Ackley next to a factory 280 Ackley L-R 6.5 140gr VLD-H, 280 140gr Accubond, 6.5 twice fired, 280 once fired
  10. Darryle

    Browning A Bolt 2 rebarrel

    I work with several thousand people, a lot of shooters, hunters and even collectors. I have bought more than one rife, pistol or shotgun that was either unreliable(pistol) shot erratically or failed to cycle(shotgun) or hated everything it was fed and accuracy sucked(rifle). Some required a...
  11. Darryle

    2023 Trail Cam Pics

    Apparently I am operating a bed and breakfast
  12. Darryle

    Sam’s Club blocked Nosler

    Quit Sam's and use Amazon, you can even have them examine your prostate 🤣
  13. Darryle

    6.5 Lancer ??

    Looks eerily similar to a 6.5-280 Ackley
  14. Darryle

    Slippery Stock

    Use a modified version of this process, using way less silicone carbide. You can use the epoxy and other types of grit that are finer in texture. I did one rifle years ago using 2 part bed liner material and a...
  15. Darryle

    .450 Marlin or .257 Roberts

    Unless you have brass available for the 450 Marlin, I would go with the 257 Roberts. I have an old laminate H&R Handi 450 Marlin and probably 200rds of factory FN 350gr Hornady factory ammo. It would flat put the hurt on big pigs and deer, hole the size of your middle finger in and out. That...
  16. Darryle

    Bank of America and Firearms

    Here's your option I signed up in April. Thinking it would be a second bank account, however, I dumped my bank and have just the credit union and Old Glory now.
  17. Darryle

    bedding question...

    Since you are not happy with all of the results, do you think that you could have induced stress into the action?
  18. Darryle

    If you were gunna

    Just bought a 6.5-280 Ackley on LRH, so I am focusing on the 25-280 Ackley. I just need to find the appropriate barrel in a 7.5 or 8 twist. The 8 twist will stabilize the 133gr and 135gr Bergers, the 7.5 or even a 7 twist would be better.
  19. Darryle

    Nosler 48 serial number data?

    Is there any concrete data other than a call or email to Nosler to determine production dates for a Nosler 48 rifle? Thanks Darryle
  20. Darryle

    Fair price for primed 26 Nosler brass?

    What is a fair price for once fired and new primed(CCI Mag) brass? Thanks Darryle