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    Longest Accubond Jump?

    What is the throat length (free bore) on your Weatherby rifles chambered for Weatherby magnum calibers? Cartridge Throat length (free bore) 224 Weatherby Magnum .162 240 Weatherby Magnum .169 257 Weatherby Magnum .378 6.5 WBY RPM .105 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum .2037 270 Weatherby...
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    Quickload request please...

    I load 150's with Hunter. Get 2750 fps. with 22" barrel.
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    RL19 Substitute

    I have used Ramshot Hunter in a couple of 338's. H4350 should do very nicely.
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    7mm-08 QL data?

    Thanks DrMike I also have a 7-08 so the info will help me also.
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    This Years AZ bear

    The load used in the 35 Rem was 200 gr. factory. He is not a reloader.
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    This Years AZ bear

    This was a baited hunt on the Fort Apache reservation. The day starts driving into town and having breakfast at great breakfast with the outfitter and guide. Then back to camp and load bait onto trucks. Then the guide and I went out to bait and check cameras to see what activity was going...
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    This Years AZ bear

    Took this guy June 22 about 3:50 pm. Nose to tail went 7' 1".
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    30-30 Magnum

    I have an old IMR reloading sheet that show 33.5 gr. of 4198 giving 2350 or so FPS. This is listed as max I have read that 30 gr. is a very nice load.. This is with a 180 gr. bullet. Should be just as nice with a 170.
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    243 Win/IMR 4350/95 GR Nosler BT

    I have had very good results with 40gr. IMR4350 and 95 gr. B-Tips and Partitions.
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    270 win 150gr Accubond long range wont group

    I would try two things. Start with your most accurate load and keep seating the bullet deeper. In my 270 it likes a lot of jump. I would also stop cleaning and see if it shoots better as you get some fouling. I have several that shoot great when dirty.
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    Handloading Supply

    Looks to be a private home
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    CCI 34 Primers

    CCI says they use the same compound in 250's and the 34's.
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    6mm Sierra 85gr Spitzer

    I shot over 70 deer with those 30 years ago.
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    At a loss for words...........

    That is crazy !!
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    300 RUM 168 TTSX and Magnum Powder

    I have shot a few Elk and a bunch of deer with 168 mono's at 3400 fps in my RUM. Has always done the job quite well.
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    358 STA Load Data

    From Barnes #3 manual. These loads are the pre TSX bullets so are safe with the TSX bullets. Remington; parent case: 8mm Rem Mag; primer: CCI 250; trim to: 2.840"; barrel: 24"; XLC Coated X-Bullet data cannot be used with other bullets, including non-coated X-Bullets. Maximum loads...
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    85 gr Barnes TSX for .243

    I have used them for year and have found H4350 and Ramshot Hunter to work very well in a pair of 243's. They work very well on deer for me.
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    Remage or tradional rebarrel?

    My gunsmith did one for me several years. He had a new MR take off put it on my action for 200 bucks. Sure it would cost more now.
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    Water Jug Test

    Run them over the chrono and see if the powder coating changed the fps. Also thanks, that is an interesting result.
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    Colorado ‘21

    Very nice.