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    Coues deer

    Aren't there only two states with Coues - AZ and NM? AZ, 36b
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    Coues deer

    I kept my first 40 years of hunting really simple. My 30-06 shooting 180 gr partitions for everything from antelope to elk, with a Leupold 1.5-5X scope. It's been kept on 5X since the first shot. I drew a bighorn sheep tag in 2020. My wife suggested I get a lighter rifle and more powerful...
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    Coues deer

    I am going on my first Coues deer hunt this year. My big game hunting rifle has always been a 30-06. I wonder if I should get a flatter shooting rifle like 6.5 creedmoor or a 25-06. I have a Model 70 featherweight with a 3.5-10X Leupold. I have been shooting 150 gr Sierras with it, with...
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    2023 Hunting Season

    MT deer will keep you busy for sure. I hunt eastern MT for mule deer. Two years ago we saw fewer deer than any season prior. Last year our ranch owner friends said they had not seen a buck mule deer all year. After four days of hunting we only saw one 3 point mule deer, the few other bucks were...
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    Guy, you are behind on points compared to others, but the highest point holders aren't guaranteed the tag. I was drawn for a Clemens Mtn big horn sheep tag in 2020. I was 68 years old with the maximum number of points. I think it was 24 points. I had moved from Yakima to MT 10 years before, but...
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    I'm an avid grouse hunter. The limit for grouse is generous in AK compared to any state in the lower 48. After you decide which big game you are going to hunt, start hunting grouse - taste better than chicken. I had a friend that lived in Fairbanks that I visited and hunted grouse with him for 8...
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    .308 165 grain ballistic tips

    How do these compare to the accubond bullet?