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  1. wildman

    Quick Load Help

    Thank You ,Dr. Mike much appreciated ...
  2. wildman

    Quick Load Help

    Could I please get a Q L for 7mm Rem mag. 154 grain hornady interbond with RL 22 and ramshot magnum federal 215 lr mag primer remington case tikka t3x rifle ..
  3. wildman

    7mm Rem. Mag.

    A friend of mine gave me a box of Hornady 154 grain Interbond bullets .Does anybody know anything about how these bullets perform on deer ,hogs maybe a black bear every once in a while ?
  4. wildman

    7mm Rem. Mag.

    I'd love to try the Accubonds but can't find any that don't require a bank loan to purchase...
  5. wildman

    7mm Rem. Mag.

    Thanks fellers was afraid it might be to much fps. according to nosler data it be running close to 3250....but dang it sure shoots good out of my rifle ...
  6. wildman

    7mm Rem. Mag.

    Will the 140 nbt hold up to 65.5 grains of RL22 without excessive damage wanting to use this load on wt deer. Tikka t3x rifle remington brass fed 215 primer .
  7. wildman

    RL19 Substitute

    I have been playing with ramshot big game it seems give very close to rl 19 performance .
  8. wildman

    Good Range Days for Rol_P and his Tikka T3

    Hard to beat a Tikka rifle great shooting fellors ..What powder was you using ?
  9. wildman

    308 Winchester Favorite Loads

    Varget and 125 nos. accubonds work great for me ....
  10. wildman

    Quick load request

    Thank you very much ,I was able to figure it out very much appreciated (y) .
  11. wildman

    Quick load request

    Could I get some one to run a quick load for me in a 7 tcu 10 inch barrel 120 vmax bullet with cfe 223 powder and MR 2000 alliant powder would appreciate it thanks.
  12. wildman

    Load Data for 7mmTCU

    I forgot the bullet weight 120 grain bullets
  13. wildman

    Load Data for 7mmTCU

    Looking for load data for 7mmTCU using power pro 2000 mr powder shooting out of 10 barrel ..
  14. wildman


    IMR 4895 and nos. BT 140 works good in my barrel.
  15. wildman

    hornet bullet

    Hornady makes a 35 grain v-max bullet ,I've had very good luck with it in several different hornet's.. (y)
  16. wildman

    25 Cal. 115 BT's Differences

    In my opinion they don't need to be changing there bullets without letting people who use them know there has been a change .
  17. wildman

    School me on imr 8208

    I really like it in my 6.5 grendel seems like it does its best at or near max loads in my 6.5 grendel.Fixing to work up some loads with it for my 22-250 ,hoping it shoots as good as h380 or better in it .. (y)
  18. wildman

    Power pro 2000 MR

    Does anyone have any info. or experience with this powder in a 7-30 waters ?
  19. wildman

    StaBall 6.5 Powder, anyone use it yet?

    I just wonder how it would perform out of a 6.5 grendel ?
  20. wildman

    7mm 145 Grand Slam

    This rig is about to drive me nuts , every load I try it is putting 2 bullets cutting one another one will be about 1 inch to 11/2 from the other 2 .Chronograph readings are in line with one another ,I have cleaned and polished the inside this barrel till it looks like a mirror ..