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  1. RAD57

    Those Were The Days

    .... and the 46 grain 22 hornet bullet!
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    277 150 & 160 Partition Quickload data for RL23 & RL26

    Dr. Mike, thanks bud! I will use what you have given me and compare it to my load results to narrow down my load work ups with my rifle. You're going to save me some precious bullets, powder and primers not to mention the gas getting to the range and back.
  3. RAD57

    Those Were The Days

    Yep, the good ole days. The folks just getting into handloading will never believe us old timers. Fair prices, availability and 100 count boxes for big game bullets are sadly gone. My Dad taught his boys over 50 years ago and we're still at it.
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    Finally got the new(er) RCBS powder stand

    It looks nice and with room for maneuvering pistol loading blocks under it.
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    277 150 & 160 Partition Quickload data for RL23 & RL26

    I have a decent load with 150 Nosler BTs out of my 24" Winchester M70 with RL23 that uses 55.9 grains in Winchester brass with Fed GM210M primers and 3.380 OAL that gives me 2940 fps AVG 5 rounds (Labradar 9 ES /4.9 SD) and .58" groups at 200 yards. I don't want to burn up my precious...
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    Any more 22 Hornet fans pissed off?

    My CZ527 22 Hornet really loved the 40 grain Nosler Varmageddon HP bullets. Without that pesky tip taking up space in the magazine I could load it out closer to the lands and achieve great 100 & 200 yard groups. Unfortunately Nosler has decided to eliminate the HP version. The 34 grain...
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    160 gr. partition in 270 Win.

    I'd like to see this data updated with RL23 & RL26 please!
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    Quickload 243 Win, RL TS15.5 and 70 BT

    Would someone with quickload tell me what is the HEAT OF EXPLOSION for Reloader 15.5. I would like to start some development with my 243 Win with Lapua brass and 70 Nosler BTs.
  9. RAD57

    .224 40 grain Varmaggedon HP gone ... Rest in Peace

    The .224 Varmageddon HP was the perfect bullet in my CZ527 22 Hornet and I'm sad to see it leave, just as I was sad to see the 45 grain Solid Base Hornet depart. The 40 grain tipped is way to long for the Hornet magazines, and I do not like the light weight bullets ... might as well shoot my 22...
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    Pachmayr Dominators on Steel and Hunting

    Great to see and hear from another Dominator enthusiast. I have one in 7-08 with a SSK brake permanently mounted to a Colt Stainless 1911 (Cerakote Elite Blackout) that I have spent some time on the range with. It also wears a nice Leupold 2.5 - 8. It propels 140 BTs at 2600 fps and off a...
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    Those were the days!

    It seems that most bullets manufactured today go directly to ammunition manufacture and handloaders/reloaders are now an after thought. It seems that the customers that brought success to the bullet manufacturers are being neglected. Bullets were reasonably priced and available online as well...
  12. RAD57

    160gr Nosler Partition for the .270

    I have a couple of old boxes of the 277 160 grain Partitions that I will be working up a load for this winter for next fall. I've got H4350, H4831SC and RL23 to work up loads with. If anyone can give me some QL data for RL23 and the 160 Partition I'd appreciate it. I've got about 7 sources of...
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    220 Swift Data

    Looking for more success. Some data from my 220 Swift with 55 gr Varmageddon Tipped bullets and RL16. 41.7 gr = 3852 fps, 30 ES, 12.3 SD 41.9 gr = 3878 fps, 9 ES, 6.3 SD 42.1 gr = 3899 fps, 25 ES, 17.5 SD 42.3 gr = 3891 fps, 33 ES, 16.5 SD It appears the sweet spot is somewhere between 41.7 -...
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    220 Swift Data

    Not to mess with success, looking for new ways to meet that success. Checking out some loads with Alliant Reloader TS15.5 in my 220 Swift M70 Varmint 26" barrel. The powder exceeded my expectations. I wasn't shooting for groups just checking velocities, extreme spread and standard deviation...
  15. RAD57

    IMR 4166 in 7-08

    I know this is a little late but for those who look later maybe this will help them. This data was developed in a 7mm-08 14" Pachmayr Dominator single shot pistol conversion. Components are Winchester Brass, Nosler 120 Ballistic Tip @ 2.800", Fed GM 210M primers. Measured by Labradar. IMR 4166...
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    270 Win 160 Partition and RL23 data

    Anybody out there have any data for the 160 Partition loaded in the 270 Win with RL23 powder? I was hoping the new Nosler Manual would have RL 16, 23 and 26 data for many of the cartridges but sadly they haven't.
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    WOW! Reloder 23 in 270 Win

    Would like to see Reloader 16, 23 and 26 powders in the next Nosler Reloading Guide with the 270 Winchester.
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    When will Nosler come out with new in 2021?

    I do enjoy the cartridge articles, but if the data online is the same as the new #9 Guide then I'll be slightly disappointed. Seems none of my cartridges have any new data, same ole powders being used for the 22 Hornet, 223 Rem, 220 Swift, 243 Win, 270 Win, 7-08, 30-06 & 338 Win Mag.
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    hornet bullet

    Speer 45 grain SP mushrooms like a big game bullet when fired from the Hornet and gives me very good accuracy. It doesn't blow up hides if the interest is in saving pelts.
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    220 Swift Data

    Hodgdon lists 42.0 grains H4350 and 55 grain bullets at a paltry 50,000 CUP. I worked up a load in my rifle of 43.4 H4350 with 55 grain Varmageddon Tipped that delivers 3839 fps, 13 ES, 6 SD and shows zero signs of high pressure, easy bolt lift, no flattened primers, etc. Once again I worked up...