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  1. CEG17

    .338 win ballistic tips

    I loaded up a bunch of 160 grain TTSX bullets in .338 Win Mag but have yet to shoot them.
  2. CEG17

    Sportman’s Warehouse

    We have one in Kelso, Washington that is okay but it isn't very big. They have had a hard time keeping their shelves stocked in the past two years. It's getting better but reloading supplies and ammo are nothing to write home about. I found the local hardware store in La Grande, Oregon had a...
  3. CEG17

    Best tasting African meats

    I found zebra a bit gamey but hartebeest, wildebeast, and kudu were excellent. Even the giraffe was good.
  4. CEG17

    Worst brass?

    Worst I have ever used was Winchester, hands down. The best I have used was Norma. Hornady has been pretty good but not as good as the Norma brass I have used.
  5. CEG17

    What have you taken pronghorn with?

    Took both of mine on the same hunt with a .25-06 Rem.
  6. CEG17

    What have you taken deer with?

    .30-30 .30-06 2001 Chevy Suburban
  7. CEG17

    What have you taken bear with?

  8. CEG17

    Shopping for a new spotting scope

    Years ago I bought an inexpensive Bushnell 18-36x50 spotting scope just to use at the range when zeroing or fine tuning my rifles. I took it out hunting pronghorn in Wyoming and after a couple of days of glassing I thought my eyes were going to fall out of my head. I don't think I have used it...
  9. CEG17

    Shopping for a new spotting scope

    Good copy, I appreciate your insights. I have my concerns about weight for both these scopes. I want something that I can use to determine if the animal is legal - for me it's about putting meat in the freezer and you can't eat antlers. The SX-4 Pro Guide might be a better option for me...
  10. CEG17

    Shopping for a new spotting scope

    I'm looking to buy a new spotting scope before the start of next hunting season and am leaning towards the Sig Sauer Oscar 8 or the Leupold SX-5 Santiam. Does anyone have any experience with either of these spotting scopes?
  11. CEG17

    Virginia Hunters

    I lived in Virginia off and on for almost 30 years and what you are showing is exactly why I hunted in Maryland. Their regulations are like reading stereo instructions!
  12. CEG17

    Lets Talk Shell Holders

    I have a mountain of LC Match 308 brass (I think I gave away close to 1,000 cases and still have twice that much on hand) and have found that my RCBS shellholders don't seem to have any issue with them.
  13. CEG17

    Lets Talk Shell Holders

    I use RCBS and Redding with a couple of Hornady's thrown in for good measure. The only problem I have ever had with any of them has been an occasional burr on the case rim caused by one of my rifles.
  14. CEG17

    lead bullet ban on the way ?

    California has gone lead free and I suspect Oregon and Washington will be right around the corner. There have been hints at it for a little while. I started experimenting with Barnes TSX and TTSX bullets for that reason. I haven't hunted with them yet - mostly because I haven't worked up a...
  15. CEG17

    2022 Season Plans

    I have my Washington black bear tag and will start getting out when the weather gets a bit cooler. I also drew a South Dakota Waterfowl permit and will be heading there in October for a week of pheasant and waterfowl. I may swing through Oklahoma for a "blast and cast" weekend to try and tag a...
  16. CEG17

    What 25 caliber (.257) cartridges do you own or want to own?

    I have a Weatherby Vanguard .25-06 Rem I bought for pronghorn. I love it. I swapped out the Nikon 3-9x40 on it for a Vortex Viper 6-24x50. I would really like to pick up a .257 Wby at some point.
  17. CEG17

    H4350 Article & Video

    Excellent video. I have never used H4350 but have a friend that has been pushing me for years to switch from IMR4350 to H4350. If I ever burn through my supply of IMR4350 I will give H4350 a try - it looks like an interesting powder to work with.
  18. CEG17

    Bear Hunting Article & Video

    Excellent article Guy. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!
  19. CEG17

    Federal 180 Grain TSX 338 Win Mag

    Just a shade over 3,100 fps using 63.0 grains of IMR-3031.
  20. CEG17

    Federal 180 Grain TSX 338 Win Mag

    I loaded some 160 grain TTSX bullets for my .338 Win Mag but have not had an opportunity to shoot them. I think the key to bullet expansion with TTSX and TSX bullets is high impact velocity. I would imagine the 180's would do a great job on whitetail.