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    LR mag primer

    I'm shooting a Ruger American. The reason I'm chasing High FPS is to try for the DRT. I'm also going to aim for the high shoulder shot as well. I'm an old guy w/bad legs and just can't hunt like I used to. No more long drags. I think the 130gr Acubond might be the way to go. Ranges are short...
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    LR mag primer

    I have Fed 210M and Fed 215 Mag. My thinking was with a mag primer I would get a more complete powder burn with RL26. To get those speeds I may have to go to a 130gr
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    LR mag primer

    I'm shooting a 20 inch barrel 6.5 Creed, getting 2550 fps w/ the Hornady factory 143gr ELDX. I want to load the 140 gr Nosler BT w/ RL26. I'm wondering if a LR mag primer would help get me the velocity I'm looking for (2700/2800 fps). Any input would be appreciated.
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    ISO Acubonds

    I'm looking for a box or partial box of 6.5 130gr Acubonds or 130gr Gamechangers.
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    Bullets For Sale or Trade

    The ELDX and Game Kings are sold
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    Bullets For Sale or Trade

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    Bullets For Sale or Trade

    I wil take you up on that, thank you. Is the "start conversation" a PM ?
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    Bullets For Sale or Trade

    49 .284 145 gr Speer Hot Core $15 120+/- 140 gr .264 Sierra Game King $20 SPF 100 Hornady .264 143 gr ELDX $28 SPF 42 .358 220 gr Speer Hot Core FN $15 SPF Looking to trade these for .264 129 - 140 gr BT or AB. I would also be interested in .264 130 gr Sierra Game Changers and .358 180 gr Speer...
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    Looking for ref. for a ceracoating project.
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    WTB RL 26

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    WTB RL 26

    Looking for 1 lb or partial of RL 26 Close this post
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    Hammer Bullets

    Has anyone tried the .264, 130/140 gr Hammer bullets on deer and accuracy?
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    Stock Screw Settings.

    What are the torques for a Ruger American CF with the std. black plastic stock.
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    QL Request for 6.5 Creedmoor

    I just got a new Ruger American Compact(20" barrel) in 6.5 Creed. Looking for max loads using: RL26, IMR4350 and RL17 143 gr ELD X 2.812 COL Fed 210 Match Elev 350 ft. Thank you I appreciate it as this will be a big help
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    64gr BSB vs 200 lb whitetail

    Thinking about trying out my 22-250 for deer hunting here in Maine. Will use the 64 gr Bonded flatnose at 3620 fps. Where would be the best place to hold,lung shot or neck shot.
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    M7600 35 Whelen zeroing

    This is all good stuff here,very refreshing to see comments on the the 7600. These rifles have never gotten the credits they well deserve. I have three of them and all are shooters for sure. I have a 25-06, 257 Roberts and a 760 in 358 Win(re-chambered)from 35 Rem.
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    Nosler Handgun in 444

    RL 7 is a great powder for the 444. I shoot it w/Speer 270gr flat point at 2135 fps, .485" @50yds. 46.5 got me to 2223 fps. My barrel is 24"
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    QL Help for Granddaughter's 7-08 ?

    Thank you all for this very helpful info. She has been shooting 46.5 @2731 fps and I have shot 47.0 as a test for velocity only @2849 fps. This is the vel. range I want to be at, 2800/2900 as she may be hunting in MT this fall, not Maine. I have loaded test loads w/RL 17 from 47 to 48gr half gr...
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    QL Help for Granddaughter's 7-08 ?

    Thank you very much DrMike, I appreciate your time.
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    QL Help for Granddaughter's 7-08 ?

    Did I do something wrong in this request ?