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    RCBS 9mm dies

    Looking for a set of used, but nice condition RCBS 9mm carbide die set. If anyone has an extra laying around let me know! Thanks
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    22, 6mm, 7mm, 338 bullets for sale

    I have a few bullets for sale if anyone is interested. Decent offers take them. Add $10 for USPS shipping...
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    7 mm 175 partition wanted

    I have 2 bags. I'd let them go for $110 shipped. Pretty tough bullet to find these days, and expensive too!
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    7 mm 175 partition wanted

    I have a 2-3 bags of factory seconds
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    7mm 150 grn BT’s on close range shots

    You would be much better served with a 160g AB or partition at that range. Those BTs will ruin the front half under 100 yards if any bone is hit.
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    Opinions on Peterson Brass

    I'll let ya know how it is, just received100 pieces of 6mm CM for my custom build. Don't think I've seen or heard of 1 bad thing about it though. I weighed like 20 of the cases and they only varied .5g from the low to high. I'd say that's pretty good for that small sample size. I bet they're all...
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    240 wby brass and dies for sale

    Dropped off the 240 yesterday to get restocked and barreled to a 6 CM so I won't have much use for the 240 RCBS dies and 50 pieces of 1x fired weatherby and 50 pieces of 1-2x fired Norma. Dies and brass are in great shape. Brass has been tumbled and pockets have been uniformed. Looking to get...
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    WTB: Nosler 243 bullets.

    I have 1 box of 95g partitions I'd let go for current market price plus shipping, if you're interested.
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    WTB Nosler Partition 6mm 85gr

    I think I have a couple boxes. I can look if you're still needing them. I'd let them go for current market price plus shipping.
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    6mm/7mm/338 bullets for sale

    Few boxes bullets laying around, all prices are shipped USPS small flat rate. 6mm 95g Nosler Partition (50) $60 6mm 80g Hornady GMX (100) $80 7mm 197g Sierra Matchking (200) $150 .338" 185g Barnes TSX $60
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    Target bullets for deer

    I'll take a 338/300g SMK for deer and elk anyday, same with a 7mm 162amax/180g eldm for that matter. They work great at longer ranges when velocity has slowed down a bit. There's nothing wrong with using heavy for caliber target bullets on game as long as a guy knows what he's doing with...
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    222 QL please?!

    Anyone anyone???
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    7mm/338 bullets for sale

    PM sent
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    7mm/338 bullets for sale

    PM sent!
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    7mm/338 bullets for sale

    I have a few 7mm/338 bullets I'd like to try and move. Add $5 shipped for USPS small flat rate box. PayPal friends and family preferred. Thanks for looking! 7mm 1. Speer 115g HPs (100 ct) $25 3. Hornady 162g ELDX (32) $15 5. Berger 195g EOL (100) $80 6. Sierra 197g HPBT Matchkings (200) $140...
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    222 QL please?!

    Have a special request on this one. Typically the 222 isn't loaded to the same pressures of a 223, and I believe the 223 case is based off the 222, so if they were both shot out of a good bolt like say a Rem 700, there should be no reason as to why you can't bump the 222 up to 223 pressures...
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    22 Rim Fire Long Range?

    Looks like a good time Jim! Still waiting for my CZ at the smiths to get the Bartlein barrel and new stock bedded. Then I'll mount up the Area419 30 MOA base and Vortex 5-25x Venom. Have some SK standard, Norma Tac X, CCI SV, and Federal Target to try for mid tier ammo. Hoping to get some 400...
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    6mm CM quickload

    Thank you sir!!
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    6mm CM quickload

    Thank you so much Dr Mike! 6 creed is pretty impressive with a 28" tube Anyway you could do 2 more for me??! Promise that's it for awhile lol. Be the same 87 vmax and 108 eldm, 28" tube, only this time in a 240 weatherby, max pressure, all powders. Trying to decide between the 2 for a new...
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    6mm CM quickload

    Can someone please run a QL for the 6 CM, 28" bbl, 87g vmax and 108g ELDM, Max pressure and all powders please?! Curious to see what the little 6 creed can do with a 28" tube and a case full of slow burning powder... Going to buy a Bartlein 29" 7.5 twist. Just haven't fully decided if I'll...