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    300 rum loads

    200 AB 95 gr Retumbo Nosler brass Fed 215M 25" 3220fps
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    Tell us about your favorite 30-06

    I would almost put money on 2800 or more (y)
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    Hunting South Africa July 2016 with 180gn nosler accubonds I

    Congrats! I have the itch to go back already after my hunt this past February.
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    Tell us about your favorite 30-06

    RL-26 should get you 2700 fps or more with the 200 AB. Running over 2700 with the 200 AB out of a 20" barrel. Using Lapua brass and Fed 215M.
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    A Rifle the U.S. Military Needs.

    I think we have a replacement in the FN SCAR-H. Some SF units already use it like Scotty said. It comes down to if the Pentagon and bean counters want to go back to the 7.62.
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    Rifle carry back packs

    Really liking my Mystery Ranch Metcalf. Carried my Sendro on the side just fine. Unfortunately didn't get to pack out an elk with it yet.
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    Rifle for supressed hunting

    Very happy with RL-26 and the 200 ABs out of two different 30-06s. Didn't work so well with the 180 ABs. Couldn't get enough powder in the case to do much better. Thinking about trying some 220 and 240 SMKs just to see what happens.
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    Happy girl

    Very cool! Good luck!
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    Rifle for supressed hunting

    I went with the Rem 700 30-06 and 20" barrel. Pushes 200 ABs just over 2700 with RL-26. Should have both the new cans around January.
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    Ruger 77/44

    Buddy has one also. No louder than a small air rifle and wicked cool!
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    Congrats Scotty!

    I should have recorded Scotty's speech! Motivational is one word that comes to mind (y)
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    Congrats Scotty!

    Had the honor of attending also. It was a great ceremony and one heck of a party for an old, crusty Marine and good friend. Semper Fi brother!
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    What I want for 2017...........

    I will second some of Scotty's picks and add one. .277 150-160 Accubond
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    Sako 85 270 Win 1 in 9 Benchmark (updated with first kill)

    Congrats on the rifle and the bear.
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    Hornady ELD-X Bullet

    Don't see myself using anything other than the 200 AB in my 300 RUM. Shoots and works great. Maybe the 182 E-tip if Oregon goes with the lead ban.
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    Lapua vs Norma brass

    I'm a believer in Lapua after using it in the 6x47. Started using it in the 30-06 and converting the 243 AI over now.
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    Playing with the .375 Win Model 70

    Same here! Really have no real need for a 375 but, have a bad want for one (y)
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    Ky Elk Draw

    Congrats! You did win the lottery with that tag!
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    2016 Plains Game hunt

    I would be on a plane tomorrow if I could find the extra couple of dollars for a cape buff hunt :mrgreen:
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    2016 Plains Game hunt