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  1. CoronaCA

    Confused or just up to late - Neck Tension

    Hey all. Loading for my son and although I have been reloading for a while I never paid attention to neck tension. Full length size it, Redding standard FL, drop powder and seat the bullet and shoot. But......I have been watching and reading things. That is problem one. So here is my issue and...
  2. CoronaCA

    Borescoped new rifle - Concerned?

    Thank you all for your feedback. The rifles I scope I have had for years and this is the first "new" one in sometime. You too can become Manic and OCD at the same time, spend hours cleaning barrels, be obsessive about copper and maybe even make the list of best customers for Sweets and Montana...
  3. CoronaCA

    Borescoped new rifle - Concerned?

    Got a Savage 110 from my son to dial in some loads for him. Here are some pics of the barrel. What do all think. It has only been a shot a few times. Nick
  4. CoronaCA

    Another QL Request - 270 ABLR 150Gr

    Hello, If I could get CSV or Excel for a .277 ABLR, 150 Grain for .270. Dont have all the details you really need I know but it is a 22inch barrel and a 1-10 twist. Nick
  5. CoronaCA

    Headspace and OCD and the 280AI

    Hello, so I am using the Hornady gauge tool. The base to the shoulder datum is 2.133 on most of the fired brass after resizing. Some are 2.134, 2.135, 2.136 and 2.137. Is that close enough or should work I towards getting them all exactly same? Factory Nosler unprimed is 2.130 and loaded...
  6. CoronaCA

    Crimping 280AI and others....

    Hey all, are there any thoughts pro or con on using a Lee crimping die on a bullet without a cannelure? I have read pros and cons as well be careful and don’t ever do it. I am not using dies with bushings, just the standard hornady die set. N
  7. CoronaCA

    Primer pockets

    Yea, I know the brass is done. Just wondering what some other methods some are using. The pockets cleaners seem to make it worse.
  8. CoronaCA

    280 AI Powder

    Hey, I have been using imr4350, r19 and r22. Fair results with the exception of 154 grain sst bullets which do shoot good. I have also read about 7828ssc and N160/165 and am thinking of trying them. Is there difference is performance difference between 7828 and 7828sc? I also have imr4831 but...
  9. CoronaCA

    Primer pockets

    Hello all, So I have noticed that my pockets are getting a bit large and the primers go in way easy and in some cases they won’t even seat. I am curious what some you are doing to maintain the pocket size but get them somewhat prepared for a new primer. Thanks , Nick
  10. CoronaCA

    What the Hell? Over pressure

    Thank you for all your suggestions. I think the best one was why the hell did I fire the second shot. Being new to the forum, I hate to says this, but I made a mistake. I am falling on sword on this. I weighed every bullet and the night before , I measured my 140 and 160 ABs. I chose to try...
  11. CoronaCA

    What the Hell? Over pressure

    Hello all, Long time troller and first time poster. Please be gentle, I am delicate! Loading for my Nosler m48, 280 AI. I have been using RL19 with reasonable success. I thought I would try RL22. Had some loads at 60grains that were okay. Worked up to 63.5, .5 under max according to Nosler #6...