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    Rifle Types...

    Favorite? 9mm full automatic sub gun. Non NFA favorite? Marlin 45-70 SBL. Also like pump action shotguns and bolt action rifles too. Handiest? The AR platform but it happens to be my least favorite and I own four of them. Vince
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    New (Old?) Elk Rifle

    I’ll be the odd one and suggest a 375 Ruger with a good brake. 🤣 J/K…….sort of. If you reload I’d suggest a 6.5 PRC. If not a 6.5 Creedmoor would serve you well using a mono metal bullet. Vince
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    Best tasting African meats

    I’ve never tried African meat but they make a brandy that is made to mix with Coca Cola. I know. Sounds disgusting but it’s actually quite good. I’ve been blessed with two bottles in my lifetime from friends that have hunted Africa. Klipdrift is the name of it. I wouldn’t mind another bottle...
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    Have fun here! It’s a good place with great people. Vince

    Have fun here! It’s a good place with great people. Vince
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    Back in FB jail

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    The all arounder/utility/truck rifle

    I’d throw a 45-70 in the truck and call it good. You could substitute a pistol cartridge lever gun for the aforementioned ground squirrel gun. Vince
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    Caliber and Bullet Questions For First Yukon Hunt

    Congratsamundo!!! That’s an awesome bull. I hope I’m as fortunate when I move up there. Vince
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    1-1-2023 Lion!!!

    Sounds like a nice plan. Vince
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    Barrel break in.

    My preference is to clean it good then go shoot it a lot. If I’m using cup and core bullets I may never clean the barrel again. If it’s copper I clean every twenty rounds or so. Vince
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    New Girl

    Don, I envy you. Not for the rifle but for being able to kick the monkey off your back. Been chewing since I was fourteen. I’ll be the big six zero in a couple years. Vince
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    1-1-2023 Lion!!!

    Congratulations on a great hunt and thank you for sharing your experience with us. Vince
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    1-1-2023 Lion!!!

    It’s better. 🙂
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    I love the Maggie but being as mine is blued with a 26” barrel I wanted a shorter barrel option. Also wanted stainless steel. I’ve no doubt Maggie would acquit herself well. Vince
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    The plethora of information here is vast. Thank you!
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    If I could find some I’d snatch them up. Vince
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    I’m single, don’t really have an inclination to mingle, and my dog goes where I go so we’re Alaska bound!
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    Going in July. Really excited about it.
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    Not in a position where reloading is feasible for me right now. Vince
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    Since I’m not reloading for the time being I’m starting to stockpile factory ammo for the 375 Ruger and wanted to get some opinions. As I’m moving to Alaska this summer I want to take some factory ammunition with me. Here’s what I’m thinking and I’d like to see if y’all concur. 9 Boxes 270...
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    .223 Rifles for Deer sized game

    While the .223/5.56 will work why not an AR10 for deer and a AR15 for coyotes, prairie dogs, and home defense? That gets you two rifles. 🤔😁