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    I Think I’ll Keep Her

    Joe, sounds like amongst all the hassles, You've found a slice of Heaven. All the best Kevin
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    Got to test out the Sauer.

    Shade, I've never in my 70 years on this planet, had a rifle with grain like that in the stock. And it shoots? :shock: Kevin
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    My Opinion On Powders High Humidity Performance

    Sounds fair Joe. Kevin
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    Bullet Wish List for 2022

    I would still like some 7mm 120gn accubonds Kevin
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    Going for a sore shoulder tomorrow

    Ron, may your groups look as good as your loading room. (y) Kevin
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    What would you do?

    Shade, I think I would do exactly what you have done. You're a good man. Trouble is with these old gentlemen, there's not that many of them around and unfortunately, they don't last forever. ( So much to learn from them. ) All the best Kevin
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    How do I stop?

    Xbolt, tell your friend he's living life right. Buy, Buy, Buy. and while he's at it,try saving for an annual moose hunt, or two. Kevin PS. Hope I've been helpful.
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    Good things come back around.

    Good stuff Shade. (y) Kevin
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    The little Ballistic Tip that Could

    TackDriver, an enjoyable little read, and pics. are always nice. Kevin
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    Reloading for the 280 Ross

    280. That was a very interesting post. A first post at that, and a nice looking rifle. Thanks for taking the time to put it up. Kevin
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    Removing Redding imperial sizing die wax

    "I have started cleaning my dies with a boresnake. A little alcohol for the die (and me) and it cleans right up." I like this post. Kevin
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    Re-worked factory ammo.

    What a wildcatter you are Shade. Anybody would be pleased with picking up another 200 fps. I never thought of trying something like that when I had a standard 7x57. Now I have a 7x57 A1, I can't do it. Well done! Kevin
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    Ready to hunt

    All that's left to be ready for opening is to give your knives a final touch up.
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    Just playing.

    Interesting Alderman. I've never messed around with any of that. Probably because I'm just a hunter. All the best Kevin
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    1 1/2 Years

    Hey Joe, I visit here because it's a nice friendly group and I'm trying to learn stuff. Kevin
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    carbon solvent?

    Nimrod84, you are a hive of information. Thank you. Kevin
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    Jack O’Connor would smile.

    Well done Alderman. If you get a fancy rest like the benchrest shooter's use, you stand a chance of lifting some of the baubles they shoot for in 1,000 yard comp. Kevin
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    140 BTs

    Alderman, excellent shooting. I don't think any missed in the last target. That load is really cooking. Kevin
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    140 BTs

    Alderman, excellent shooting. I don't think any missed in the last target. That load is really cooking. Kevin
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    30/06 212 ELD X StaBall 6.5

    Good stuff SJB. Kevin