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    FS - Winchester 100 in 284

    It is in great condition. Won't give away as would rather keep
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    FS - Winchester 100 in 284

    Really nice Winchester 100 in 284 Metal and wood in really nice condition. I have owned for years and shot it once. It was a sentimental purchase years ago, but beyond that now Will include mount and rings and one box of factory ammo. The scope pictured is NOT included. $900 shipped
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    Wanted - 130 gr 6.5 Accubonds

    Anybody have some 6.5 cal 130 gr ABs that need a better home. Promise to take them backpacking in October.
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    280AI Rebuild

    If a can is legal hunting in your area, might consider that in the length.
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    Hornady 150 SST

    Midway has seconds of these for a decent price. Looking for a range bullet for 300-400 yds practice in my 280AI. Have a 150 E-tip load for hunting that shoots great. Any other "cheap" 7mm bullets for moderate range work people suggest. Accurate and cheap preferred.
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    How many of you are considering a tri-pod to shoot off of for hunting?

    I have used shooting sticks for years. Sitting position, leaned against something and been very successful. Can also use your backpack the the "third leg" to support your chest when sitting. Prone seems challenging with the terrain I am mostly in. This year started to use trekking poles...
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    Wind consideration and elevated vantage points.

    I took a bear there a couple years ago. Was walking up the bottom road and he was moving up the hillside. This afternoon I decided that I didn't have time to relocate, so sat until dark. Nothing appeared, have had multiple elk come through this area in the pass. Western OR bears like the...
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    Wind consideration and elevated vantage points.

    What do people think...... Was out looking for spring bears....went to a place where I know there are bears, water down below and timber behind. Lots of grass along the closed dirt road. I hiked upon the backside hill and was 95 to 160 yds above the area I was watching. It was a 35 degree...
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    Model 94 Big Bore 375 Win

    I have a couple Marlin 375s years ago. Sold them.....big oops. Still have the dies, brass and plenty of bullets Everything Marlin is crazy priced. Have a Marlin 336 sitting in the safe. JES Reboring is about 2 hrs away and will be driving by in a couple weeks as I go bear hunting. Keep...
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    Noslers new RDF 105 in the 243

    I thought I scored on some Nosler 100 gr CC, ordered them two days ago from SPS, they are arriving tomorrow. Just looked back at the SPS website and realized they are 6.5 cal. Oops Back to the drawing board in trying to find the Hornady 105's !!
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    Noslers new RDF 105 in the 243

    Resurrecting an old thread. Wanting to try shooting some longer range stuff (500-600 yds) Tried to convince myself to by a new rifle, but I have Rem 700 VLS in 243 with the barrel cut to 20 inches. The Rem shoots great at 200-300 yds with 80 and 85 gr Sierras. Sounds like I need to find...
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    Never owned a 7mm Mag - not sure I will

    Great hearing everyone stories and thoughts about the 7 Mag.
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    Never owned a 7mm Mag - not sure I will

    Over the years, like many other, I have owned a lot of rifles in a variety of calibers. Some of the rifles have changed, but there has been some consistency in calibers. But never a rifle in 7 mm mag, not even briefly. I recognize the ballistics are great for a do all rifle. Now days, my...
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    M48 stock

    Short mag Don't have pictures with me. Here is one more that I found on my phone. Can post a whole stock picture on the weekend
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    M48 stock

    I picked up this rifle a few months ago. M48 in 300 WSM. The stock appears to be a carbon fiber, but NOT from Nosler. I called and spoke with the Nosler people. Stock weighs 24-25 ozs. There are no manufacture markings on the stock. Anyone have an idea who might have made it? Great...
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    375 Winchester QL

    I used RL-7 with good groups. Still have tons of components, but sold my Marlins. Might have to resolve that this spring
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    .358 Speer 180gr in stock

    I ordered my 2 boxes. My Marlin 35 Rem likes these. Bears don't like them !!!
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    140 gr Partition in 6.5 prc COAL

    JWhit. I recently bought a couple 6.5 PRC rifles. In one of the rifles, I noticed the same thing with partitions. LRAB and AB run fine at max COAL, but not the PT. Shortened to 2.85 and they cycle great. Will shot in the next day or two. Hoping to black bear hunt with it next week
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    For Sale For Sale - 6.5-284 Nosler Brass

    Bump with "for sale"
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    Quick reload request - 338-06 AI

    Thanks. Loaded some 200 AB with a good load of RL-15. The Encore action allows the barrel to be 27 inches, thus getting the most for the powder. Accuracy was 1 - 1 1/2. Sighted in 2 inches high at 100 yds. Velocity was 2815. Think I am going to back off 2 grs. Aiming for 2750 ish for...