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    7 Mashburn H4895 Fire Forming

    I use 13 grains of tote group with a case full of corn cob media. Point it up in the air and poof. No recoil and a fire formed case.
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    Swift Scirocco 2 load data 25.06 rem

    I ran 53.5 imr 4831 for 3250. Didn’t kill as fast as the ballistic tips but it did wreck less meat!
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    85 rdf 22 250

    Can anyone run this through quick load for me.
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    380 acp

    I'm loading for a new to me 380. I'm wondering what powders you guys like with the 90 and 95 grain bullets. I have 90 grain xtp and 95 grain plated bullets so far 3 grains of tite group seems to do okay with the xtp bullets. I don't have a taper crimp die and am only seating the bullets with...
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    380 90 xtp

    Fired a 90 grain xtp into some jugs at 900 ish FPS. Expansion is .46 to .49. Went almost through the third jug.
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    30-06, 200AB, 180PT, 130TTSX, and 19 jugs

    any reservation to loading the 130 grain x for elk sized creatures? I may have to load shoot for shoulders.
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    7mm Wildcats

    can someone link me to this article?
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    Quick load 222 rem

    don't be scared to try reloader 7 as well.. 21.5 re 7 win case 40 v max neck sized
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    75 grain Swift Scirocco - 22-250

    cool. is that one of the tikkas that they are doing a group buy for on the site?
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    7mm Rem Mag Swift 150 grain Scirocco

    would this punch through the shoulders of a moose or elk?
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    150gr Swift Scirocco II

    what do you think about this bullet and the shoulders on bigger game. I.E. elk or moose. What's your comfort level?
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    556 with 55 and 60 and 64 grain bullets

    I'm thinking of building an ar 15 with a 16 or 18 inch barrel and a wylde chamber. Can someone with quick load give me an idea how fast a few of the following can be loaded to. 55 grain e tip,60 partition, 64 grain nosler bsb, etc. I'd probably start low on the powder charge and maybe load to...
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    Ql request nosler 28

    give h1000 a try....with a 160 I would try around 75 grains and work up from there.
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    Loading for a friend's .308

    I still like varget and a 168 ballistic tip....
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    175 PT 7mm Mashburn Super Magnum 3100 FPS

    im pretty impressed that your getting 3100 out of your 7mm mashburn. Mine only wants to throw 150s at between 3180 and 3240. Best loads are 7828 and 150 grain ballistic tips and norma mrp with 150 grain scirrocos. Both use federal primers and cases.
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    6.5 grendel quickload please

    could you do the 123 grain amax and the 120 grain ballistic tip?
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    6.5 grendel quickload please

    any quick load?
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    6.5 grendel quickload please

    any idea what velocity you are getting ? I am going with an with an 18 inch pipe if I get my way.
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    6.5 grendel quickload please

    I don't entirely trust the 223 to be an apocalypse weapon so I'm thinking about building a 6.5 Grendel. Can anyone run some quickload data for me using an 18 inch barrel? I'm thinking that an 18 inch barrel with a collapsible stock should be a good foundation for a rifle:)
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    long range accubond...

    Hey nosler. Is there anyway that you could make me some 170 grain long range accubonds next year? My 308 is feeling left out of the long range market. Maybe like a .550 b.c.? Need something I can throw 2600 fps from a 24 inch pipe.