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    Rainy day shop time—Annealing brass

    Annealing some brass with Annealeez. I’ve got to believe the Gen 3 model is a bit more convenient than the predecessors with the hose and nozzle affixed to the frame. Easy to make adjustments while in use with the Gen 3 and the gas bottle held in a muffler clamp. Simple is oft times better.
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    Cow elk harvest

    Season opened this morning for cow elk on the homestead. Going to give the 8 Mag a try this year with 200 grain Nosler Partitions. Remington 700 Leupold 4.5-14 scope.
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    Brass questions?

    Quite a while back I purchased 100 rounds of Federal 30-06 brass from an estate sale. It had been previously fired, some with the spent primers still in and others that look like they had been sized. The box was marked 30-06 International and 30-06 Custom. I was curious to check the specs on...
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    Another buck down

    Busy day for the hunters. . After getting one this morning they were able to find one for my Grandson’s girlfriend.
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    Grandson got a buck

    Grandson got his Blacktail buck this morning with his Savage 6.5 Creedmoor. He has been ringing steel at 400 yards with Grandpa’s hand loaded 140 grain Accubonds and the practice paid off as he shot this one at that distance.
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    Always being interested in anything to do with shooting I recently made a couple of purchases of a couple of preowned chronographs. My Oehler 35P has worked well but wanted to try something different. The chronograph I have actually used the most is the Caldwell Ballistic Precision which works...
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    The view from my morning walk today

    Good one.
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    Small order

    UPS showed up this morning with the latest order from the Pro Shop. Both Grandsons and I are shooting 6.5 Creedmoor rifles so a couple of bags of brass will come in handy. Some 6mm Ballistic Tips will go to making ammo for the 243 coyote gun. Ordered some 150 grain Ballistic Tips to use in a...
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    Garmin Chronograph

    Just my luck, I got a Labradar yesterday.
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    Denizens of the Ridge

    Went up on the ridge to pull a couple of cards out of the game cameras. I sat up there until dark, hoping to see something move but the bear showed up after I left. I‘m glad the bear didn’t decide to eat my camera.
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    6.5 Grendel to the bench

    I’ve had success with E-tips working well in other calibers. May not be the best fit for this rifle.
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    6.5 Grendel to the bench

    I put together a starting load with 120 Grain Nosler E-tips and was hopeful they would work well. Unfortunately it didn’t end up good at all. I adjusted the trigger pull down to 3.5 lbs from the 4.5 lbs set at the factory. One thing I’ve noticed is this gun wants to creep to the right when I...
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    Playing with the Ronin scope

    Playing with the scope. Shaky video trying to hold the gun and operate the buttons on top of the scope. Focus is pretty sensitive but does okay when dialed in. Actually records video in 4K. I’m not sure how well it would hold up in some of the nasty weather we have around here.
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    Behind the House

    Bear showed up a little too close.
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    Ruger Ranch Rifle

    Brought home a Ruger Ranch rifle this afternoon. Mounted a 3-9 Leupold scope in Weaver rings and headed to the back yard shooting bench to make some noise. First try with anything 6.5 Grendel so very much a novice. First try was with Hornady factory ammo to get on paper. First shot at 30 yards...
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    Creedmoor to the bench

    Got the Savage Axis ll to the bench this evening. Trying out a couple of Nosler loads I had made up for a different rifle. First group with the 130s I knew I pulled one low or it likely would have been better. The 129s all felt good when I touched them off but one of the three didn’t follow...
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    If I just had a gun

    Still waiting the arrival of the 6.5 Grendel but I got everything needed to put a few rounds together for when it gets here. It has certainly been a fun venture reading and learning about this little round.
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    Bullet runout

    You are right about that. Certainly a bit optimistic on my part as it’s .01not .001. Back to the drawing board.
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    7mm Solid Base bullets—Traded on 10/6/23

    A while back I purchased a bunch of 7mm Solid Base bullets. The 150s are factory blems and the 162s are in an unopened box. 100 in each bag and 100 in the box. Only offering because I don’t think I’ll ever use them all. Just posting to see if anybody is interested in trading a like number...