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    Ernie and others...

    Guy. I had a Trijicon Red Dot on my S&W 29 and the only issue that I had was operator inability to find the red dot when not perfectly aligned behind the Red Dot. I have sold the red dot and now rely on the factory iron sights. My main concern is having the model 29 handy in my chest holster...
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    Barge, Plane Ticket, and Resignation

    Good Luck Vince, stay healthy and enjoy the north country. Best Wishes and please continue to post here. Rol
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    Firewood and wood heat

    Our main heat is oil. We burn wood most every night in cool and winter weather, in our fireplace with a metal insert and glass doors. It allows the heat to circulate into the room. Our wood is cut and split on our property. I typically cut up fallen timber, which lately has been hickory...
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    Almost a real bad day

    Glad that you were not hurt.. I do a bit of turning on an old lathe that was my Fathers. One safety recommendation that I have been ignoring is no long sleave shirts while turning. I have been blessed in many ways. A quick youtube search for safe turning practices may be a good source of...
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    Heart Attack while Hunting

    Hello Guy, Thank God you were with your son and able to get to the hospital in good time. I will hope and pray for a full recovery and many more healthy and happy hunting seasons ahead. I am set with reloads for my '06 thanks to the load development by NYDAN last may. I am short on good...
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    Ordered Another Tikka!

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    Accubond alternatives

    Thanks for all the suggestions Fellows. I will be checking the sporting goods stores between NY and Montana in the next few day. Happy hunting. Rol
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    Accubond alternatives

    With the scarcity of and high price of Nosler Accubonds when found what reliably available and reasonably priced alternatives are folks turning to? I am resisting going lead free and would appreciate any thoughts for continuing to shoot as I enjoy the challenge of small groups and hunting with...
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    Family Reunion

    Looks like you have something for every season.. Do you also load for family and friends? Very impressive collection. Thanks for sharing. Rol
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    The versatile 30-06.

    In 2013 my Montana Outfitter informed me that a 30 caliber would work better than my 270 Winchester for elk so I purchased a Left hand Remington 700 Classic in 30-06. Tagged out that year with one shot kills and have enjoyed success with the 30-06 on subsequent hunts. This year I hope to...
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    Need Some 30-06 Help

    Glad to hear that you are doing better. Just for comparison, I have been tweaking H4350 180 grain loads for my Tikka 3X also a 22" barrel 30-06. NYDan using Quick load worked up a load for me and 56.5 grains of H4350 in new Nosler cases gives me 2723 +/- fps with 180 partitions and accubonds...
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    300 WM, 180 AB, & RL-23

    Congratulations Dan.. I knew you could do it.. Now the Elk and Mulies in Montana had best beware.. Rol
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    How many left-hand shooters/hunters do we have here?

    I am a lefty and struggle with right hand tools and guns. My first true left hand rifle is a very nice Remington 700 BDL in .270 Winchester, which I still have. I was fortunate to purchase it through a friend who worked in the stock department at Remington in Ilion NY in the early 80's. In...
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    Surprise, surprise from a used Marlin X7

    That old Leupold scope has been a good scope. It pleases me immensely to see it being used by a good young man who I know is a hard working family man. I look forward to hunting pictures this fall :~)
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    Using old primers?

    HI, I have been absent from the forum due to computer issues, lost password during an earlier upgrade, then personal circumstances, health and relocation. I think my first post was not long after I started loading for my 30-06 in 2013. I found that NYDan resided about an hours drive from where...
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    Using old primers?

    Recently saw a post on the forum about safety to pull loaded cases and the last post to the question that I saw was by Guy Miner, paraphrased here, remember personal safety.. safety glasses and go slow. I have personally been pulling bullets to obtain a supply to reload for this upcoming hunt...
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    Hello folks, I am finally back.. I am very pleased to be back after a too long absence. Rol

    Hello folks, I am finally back.. I am very pleased to be back after a too long absence. Rol