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    A Controlled Hunt win

    Well, it's looking like I'll be having tag soup again this year for elk and deer. Since 10 Oct, I have only seen bucks on private property that I don't have permission to access. I've been pack my 7mmRUM loaded with 150 ETs. :(
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    Retumbo in stock!

    To bad you have to take out a loan to get 8lb jugs now.
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    Leupold bases

    I've been using the Leupold std base/ring set on all of my rifles, from 204 Ruger up to my 338WM, including my 300RUM. Now with my 338RUM, I tried the std base/rings and it destroyed the rear mount & ring within 4 shots. I found some 30mm Talley 2pc ring/base on sale. When I got my 375RUM, it...
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    A Controlled Hunt win

    I put the wife and I in for the Idaho unit 69 controled hunt regular antlered deer hunt this spring. As usual, not selected. I searched the IDFG website to find what tags were left over from prople not buying their tags by 1 Aug. There was one tag available for this hunt in the second chance...
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    New Nosler 26 not grouping well

    I use Leupold rings and bases. See if they make an offset front mount. I had to go get on for my wife's Savage 110 ultralite to get the scope back enough to get the proper view through the scope.
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    What do you do when you get a new powder?

    When I find a bullet/powder load that works for me, I don't bother trying any other recipes. Especially now that components are hard to fine and I don't want to burn through what I do have.
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    Of all your rigs

    I don't have any I dread loading for, but the one thing I don't like doing for any of them is preparing new brass. Long tedious process, lube, F/L size, trim all to a specific size then clean and put away.
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    Way past reloading 101

    That would be my 270 WSM and 300 RUM
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    Way past reloading 101

    204 Ruger 223 Rem 243 Win 6.5 CM 26 Nosler 270 Win 270 WSM 7mm RUM 300 Savage 30-06 30 Nosler 300 RUM 338 WM 338 RUM 375 RUM 45 ACP 44 Mag 20 gauge 12 gauge
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    Why do you reload?

    Best answer for this is to go read the "28 Nosler Ammo?" thread.
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    28 Nosler Ammo?

    Yes Sir. Fortunately I bought ammo and brass for the Nosler 30 & 26 when I bought them in 2017. I scored big on Midway and got 7 boxes Nosler Trophy Grade 180AB for the Nosler 30 at around $38 a box. Scored again this year when a local gun shop had Nosler brass for the 30 at 20% off the retail...
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    28 Nosler Ammo?

    Sportsman's Warehouse has some 28 Nosler. 28 Nosler 175 ABLR
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    Why do you reload?

    When you have all four Rem Ultramags and a Nosler 30 & 26, I can't afford to buy ammo for them. That is of course if you can find ammo for any of those calibers. The other calibers I have, finding ammo with the bullet I want to use is dang near impossible.
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    7 PRC

    Would've been nice to see a comparison of the 7 PRC to the 7mm STW and the 7mm Ultramag instead of the 7mm Rem Mag.
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    Washington state juvi ram

    Up load it to YouTube, then post the link on the forum.
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    2022 Hunting Pictures

    No more antlered elk hunting for, the season closed on the 21st.
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    2022 Hunting Pictures

    Well, I would love to post some pics of what the wife and I got, but I have none. She took a shot at a 4x4 muley but missed. I spent over 2 hours looking for it just in case. I took a shot at a spike elk but poor footing on a rock caused a miss when the rock rolled. I took another shot at a very...
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    What have you taken Hogs with?

    At the time (2007), this was the largest hog take on Vandenberg AFB, CA. I took this one with the 45 Cal muzzle loader. We had to check in deer and hogs with the base conservation office. This guy weighed in at 288lbs field-dressed with legs still attached. His cartilage or whatever it is "we...
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    Trimmed a little short

    I use some of the RCBS "X" full length sizing dies and the instructions say to clean the brass, then size all the bras. You then trim to ensure the brass is all equal length. One that is done, you then trim to .020 shorter than maximum specs. Then adjust the die to the newly trimmed brass. It's...
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    What have you taken Hogs with?

    They make it easy to do. Once I got more experience with them I found that about 1" behind the ear and down about 1" would be a DRT shot as it took out the spine. Made it easy to remove the head later as well.