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    Failure to trim?

    I'm not a gunsmith either but I do fool around with them a lot. I have had several bolts that I could'nt open by hand, mostly due to me tickling the dragons tail and at least one due to not trimming cases. But what I've always done, right ot not, was to take a rubber hammer and whack the bolt...
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    Bedding the front recoil lug - 6 lug Wby ULW

    The best my 700 shot for years was around .750", Then literally years later the forend warped so when I fixed that I skim bedded the action. At the same time I was loading using a different process that I'd developed over the intervening years meant to seek to perfectly or as close as possible...
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    Rem 350 Mag

    First thing I'd do is reduce your powder (same powder) charge until you get pressure you can deal with. Then seat the bullet (same bullet) .010 deeper per group and just see how it looks then.
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    Rem 350 Mag

    If I wanted a tighter group and lower velocity, and the "too long" bullet length was a problem. I would not hesitate to use a good 180 grain bullet and work with the seating depth and different powders to find another node that gives the desired effect. You are pretty close right now.
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    Midsouth Shooters Supply

    Don't trust a phone call either. A couple of years ago I was renewing my Norton Antivirus and had Norton on the phone when my computer went haywire. The guy I was talking to had taken over my computer. I ended up paying him nearly $300. bucks to get my computer back. I finally got in touch with...
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    Parallax-Help me understand this..

    I would know it. A scope with the parallax preset for 50 yards is a .22 scope. Not a centerfire big game scope. I would never put it on anything but a .22 or Muzzle Loader. It will be happy there. If you don't hold the rifle properly then each shot will be off the mark. But with awareness, good...
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    New Remington 700's?

    I too would like to see a broader choice in calibers. And absolutely vital for me to even consider one is a LH model. I'd rather see it in CDL because I already have a BDL. My BDL must have that premium steel also as it does strange things also. Like, I never need to fire a fouling shot after...
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    Finally shot my flintlock.

    I would probably leave it just like it is. I would shoot it at different distances to see where it hits dead on. My .54's have always been sighted in an inch or so high to better deal with a long shot. This is how my .54 is sighted for deer season.
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    Finally shot my flintlock.

    That is a beautiful piece of curly maple. Looks right nice made into a longrifle stock. I know thisis an older posting but I'm curious as to how the sighting in went? I know they do things different in different parts of the country but honestly I've never heard of bending the barrel to raise...
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    The Awesome Lee Loader

    My first foray into loading was with a Mec in 12 gauge. My start in rifle and pistol was with a Lee Loader in 7X57, they might be slow but they get the job done.
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    7mm 150 grn BT’s on close range shots

    I too mostly hunt the deep woods and in some of the overgrown timber cuts we can't see a deer at 75 yards. When hunting at home I load the 154 grain Hornady spire point in my 7mm Rem.magnum, the 165 grain Spire point in my 300 Win. Mag and lately the 150 SST in my .308. The only one of these I...
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    The Springfield...

    I had a 1903a3 thirty or so years back but it was in military form, it wasn't nearly as sharp as yours. I shot many rounds downrange with it until somebody who wanted it more than me bought it.
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    7MM Rem Mag. BEST 100 Yard GROUP

    Very nice group. Your rifle is a shooter for sure.
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    My best group

    This rifle is already promised to my stepson when I go under. I doubt he ever shoots it though.:( 40 years old with several thousand rounds shot through it.
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    My best group

    Since we are on the subject this is my best group with my 7mm Rem. Magnum. I bought the rifle in 1981 or 82. It still has the original barrel though I have done a little work to improbe accuracy. These were rounds 26, 27 and 28 that day with no cleaning. I guess I just got lucky when I bought it.
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    What have you taken elk with?

    7mm Remington magnum. 300 Winchester magnum. I like magnums. But mostly if I can use one for a large animal like an elk. I just think that makes one a more complete rifleman and hunter.
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    I'm an idiot

    The 7RM is my favorite cartridge without a doubt. I bought my first LH bolt gun back in 1980 to use in a elk hunt. My favorite WT deer bullet is the 154 Hornady spire point with the 150 Nosler BT a close second. I have tried many of the powders out there but hands down the most accurate is...
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    What have you taken Turkey with?

    Here in Georgia a muzzleloading rifle is a legal turkey weapon. I don't/won't shoot at a gobbler a hundred yards away. Over 20 years ago I built a .40 caliber flintlock to be my dedicated turkey rifle and with it I've taken over twice as many gobblers as I did previously with shotguns. I have...
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    How many of you are considering a tri-pod to shoot off of for hunting?

    I have used various crossed sticks and single trigger sticks for decades, but IMHO nothing that's field expedient works as well as a tripod. A few years ago I needed one but hesitated to spend the money. However I did have an older tripod we used for cameras and a spotting scope. It worked very...
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    Increase trigger pull?

    Don't wait. It's not worth it. A few years ago I started having problems with my back. With no warning I would just fall, and fall hard. With the fall a sort of paralysis would set into my left leg. I went to a Dr. and he said I had a stenosis in the lower back and it was serious and I shouldn't...