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    Gentlemen; I'd like to introduce Alice - She's naked

    Finally brought him home from the mammal mortician. Looks great in the Livingroom! 8' ceilings can be tough with a big elk but the taxidermist did great. I did the pedestal. It's a whiskey barrel that I got from Bull Run Distillery then burned the grain and stained it. My ex-wife saw it and...
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    Baking in the kitchen!

    Just finished brass prep on 500rds of 17x223 and 600rds of 20 practical. Ready to prime and load. Betcha can’t guess what I’ll be doing in the next couple of days.😀 Taking my kids to eastern Oregon to pop a couple thousand sage rats! The sun is out and so are they! 1k rds of 22rf, 1k rds of...
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    Shooting the 03-A3

    Good to see you shooting the old girl!I love mine. I got it shooting 1 1/2” groups at 100 yards. I’m thinking I might compete with it in the service rifle class. Mine is completely USGI. I even have the correct bayonet for it. Might come in handy if the Portland riots ever come to town.😂...
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    Productive weekend on the rifles. The 280AI and the 25x284 both got pillar bedded and barrels free floated. Next weekend will be action bedding and loading up some break in rounds. Maybe Sunday I’ll even make it to the range!
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    Lenard Brownell 7 Rem Mag

    That is a heirloom Scotty! I'm sure you keep taking it out of the safe to just admire it.
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    I've been out of the game for a while. Getting kids graduated from college, divorce (no more liberal chicks for me), and a job that burns a lot of hours. Thought I'd jump back in with both feet! The top one is a Win 70 30-06 rebarrelled to a 280AI. I replaced the mag box with a 3.6" one and...
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    25 Souper or 25-06

    In about 3 weeks I'll have a 25x284 with a fast twist barrel returning from my smith. Been a long wait this time around. Built on a Win 70 SA with a mag length of 3.1". Used a 7.5"twist lilja barrel. Can't wait to wring it out with the blackjacks and Bergers I have. Hoping Nosler comes out with...
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    Light bullets in the 6.5 Creedmoor

    Good Morning, Picked up a 6.5 Creed in a Kimber 84 a while back. I've always shot 129-147gr bullets in my other guns with great results. Built a couple good loads for the gun already but recoil is a little stiff because the gun is pretty light. I'm looking for a hunting bullet/load for my...
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    Powder for 300 swim?

    Try RL17, RL16, Ramshot Hunter, H414, W760, HLVR, Viht N550, CFE 223, Ramshot Big game, IMR4895
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    A new thumper added to the safe.

    Found this the week before Christmas. It's a 338-06 built on pre '64 Win 70, 23" featherweight barrel in a custom stock. It's been hunted but it's in very good shape. The bore is about as pristine as it can get. Found it on GB for 750$. Merry Christmas to me! I'll try 200grABs and 210 Partitions...
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    28 Nosler loads

    RL 33 and Nosler 175gr ABLRs and Berger 195s
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    M70 Supergrade

    Pretty rifles can shoot too! Love it!
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    M70 325WSM

    Try the 220gr Sierra and RL17. I got 2850fps with 66 grains out of a 24" barrel on my Kimber. It shoots 1/2" groups consistantly. The better BC will make up for moving a little slower. It's a Hammer! Scott
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    Hornady Handheld Priming Tool

    I have lost count of how many cases I have primed with mine. I have one set up for small and one for large. The only cases I don't do are pistol; Those I do on the progressive. The Hornady hand primer is one of my favorites!
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    .25 something is what I'm going to build.

    Haven't decided on final chambering but I have a fast twist(7.5) .257 Brux barrel and a bunch of 131gr Blackjack bullets. I'm considering several cartridges that I have parent brass and dies for already. 257 Roberts AI, .25 x 284 or a 25 Pronghorn(WSM). Most likely built on a win 70. The Rob Ai...
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    Expected accuracy off a tripod?

    When I use a bipod or tripod I either lean/load into the bipod or I support the rear of the rifle as well. I made a 524yd shot on my elk this year from a sitting position using a high bipod and my internal framed backpack in my armpit/under my rifle's butt. It was a rock solid setup.
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    Marlin gets a new sight!

    I've always been amazed at what a good aperture sight can do with a decent sight radius. I've got a Colt AR15 with a 10.5" barrel that shoots 2" groups at 100yds and my A3O3 will do 1.5" when my eyes are up to it.
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    Bullet Wish List for 2022

    105-115gr 6mm ABLR 120-135gr .257 ABLR (I'm building a 257x284 with a 7twist barrel)
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    Bullets for a 03A3?

    Took the O3A3 out to the range the other day. I was mainly there to sight in the rat rifles and test a new load in my 17x223. The 1903 shoots really well. I put together a mid level load of 54gr of H414 under a 150gr Hornady Interlock. I shot a group from the bench and a couple off hand. Good to...
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    308 Lever gun

    BLR 81(all steel) in 308 or 358 is your ticket. Had one for years. It handled like a shotgun - smooth and fast. I had a 1x5 scope on it. Slayed a lot of blacktails on the run and in thick cover. It carries almost as well as a '94.