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  1. Joec7651

    I Think I’ll Keep Her

    Happens to the best of us. ;)
  2. Joec7651

    .270 QL needed

    Yeah my velocities a very close to dead on what DrMike‘s QL predicted. No game with this load but I’ve taken some coyotes with the 55gr E-Tip. All instant kills.
  3. Joec7651

    .270 QL needed

    This is the QL Mike ran for me a few years ago for 270 Win with 130gr E-Tips and RL26 for the load I run in mine. I always try and save them. There are probably a few I missed but I try to only ask once. Thanks again Mike
  4. Joec7651

    .270 QL needed

    I wouldn’t touch a thing then. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
  5. Joec7651

    Nosler 2024 Bullet Wish List

    First let me say I prefer Nosler products, but Nosler, you’re getting an ear full from me tonight. MOST OF ALL! Manufacture and stock your existing offerings, and sell them at a fair price. Hornady products are manufactured and in stock. They perform exceptionally well when compared to a bullet...
  6. Joec7651

    Yemen and British Cargo Ship

    Biden can’t remember what happens around the world from one day to the next. But I bet Biden‘s son could smooth things out in South America quick fast and in a hurry. He does a lot of pharma business with them.
  7. Joec7651

    .270 QL needed

    Its 130 grain E-Tip, 58.4 grains IMR7828 SSC, Fed brass, CCI 200 primer, 3.340” OAL, and 24” barreled TC Venture. That is only .020” off the lands but that’s what it seems to like best. Most ET’s like more jump than this one. One of the best shooting loads I’ve ever came up with. It put 5 shots...
  8. Joec7651

    Reloading Press Service Question

    Same………only difference is I use Dry Moly. Couple drops of Rem Oil or Hoppes oil works fine too. All the rams are harder alloy than the frame. The ram won’t be what wears. It will be the frame or linkage. It takes a LOT of hard use to wear out a press. Also if you did wear a press out from use...
  9. Joec7651

    .270 QL needed

    I’m not saying it will be so in your rifle. For me, IMR 7828SSC is the most accurate powder in my 270 Win with 130gr E-Tips. A true 5 shot group measuring .383” at 3157 fps. I also still have that target if you’d like to see it. RL26 gives about 90 fps more velocity but is a little less...
  10. Joec7651

    I Think I’ll Keep Her

    This came off as being much sappier a post than I had intended. I had good intentions, but please, feel free to let this one fade into obscurity. :LOL: My Mancard may still be revoked over this one. LOL:LOL:
  11. Joec7651

    I Think I’ll Keep Her

    Just got back from a little over a week of hunting. I was very successful but didn’t pull the trigger once. First, my freezer was full of venison when I left so it was for pure enjoyment that I went. Second, it’s been a year I wouldn’t wish upon anyone, it’s been tough, so I just watched. I saw...
  12. Joec7651


    My English Springer Spaniel, Bailey, takes it quite personally if I don’t drop the Pheasant, Chukar, or Rabbit he flushes. Wow, if looks could kill. Lol. He works pretty darned hard for me though. I’ll take the lumps if I miss.
  13. Joec7651

    LR mag primer

    Maybe try RL23 if you have it or can get it. Possibly SB 6.5. They will get you to the pressures you’ll need for the velocity you’re trying to achieve. You still may not get it before pressure gets you. Powder volume of the case is your limiting factor. I personally love RL23. It gives me...
  14. Joec7651

    OH and WV Deer Season Begins Today

    Thank you, I value your insight. Life never slows down and always changes. I still miss my dad as well when I hunt, and it’s been close to 30 years. Moments become more valuable than gold. Im working on keeping up. I just finished going through my day pack for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to...
  15. Joec7651

    OH and WV Deer Season Begins Today

    After dinner today I’m heading over to WV for some rifle hunting. Then I’ll trek back to Ohio next week for the opening days of Ohio‘s deer gun season. I’m taking a Remington 700 in 7mm Rem Mag for WV, and my Marlin 1895 for Ohio. Thought about bringing my Bushmaster for the Ohio hunting but...
  16. Joec7651

    Dan and I taking out some whitetails

    What a wonderful Thanksgiving story. Congratulations on bagging some exceptional game. I’m happy for you guys.
  17. Joec7651

    Need a 7mm cartridge

    Are there any cartridges that have a wide case body using the .535” case head as a rebated rim? You could have a standard magnum bolt face, a regular long action case length, but with a body that gives greater powder capacity utilizing the rebated rim concept. Like a super sized 284 Shehane.
  18. Joec7651

    404gr Shock Hammer 460 Wby

    I often think about making my next build a 378 Wby. I’d probably end up with less money in it if I find a nice Mark V Deluxe.
  19. Joec7651

    404gr Shock Hammer 460 Wby

    I removed my previous post. After reading it I believe it could have been misinterpreted if someone wasn’t having a good Day. While I 100% intended it as humorous I removed it rather than have it misconstrued. My friends here are too important to chance offending anyone accidentally.
  20. Joec7651

    Speer Hotcore 350 gn for 45-70

    This^^^ Tough bullet that usually expands to .65-.75”. Penetrates DEEP, and shoots very accurately. I get 2178 fps from a 22” barrel and either 4198, I don’t really have a preference. At that velocity, if it doesn‘t expand I’ll just pretend it’s a solid or hardcast. My shoulder endured enough...