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    spike elk pic

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    Next Nosler Custom Rifle Caliber

    280 Ackley Improved with brass..ammunition....
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    225 35 caliber B-Tip discontinued?

    Sorry guys!!!! I assigned someone to answer this while I was at shows.. The 35 Whelen BT is still in distribution and will be replaced by AccuBond sometime this fall. It will be the same bullet in terms of loading.
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    Nosler vs. Sierra stats?

    We have found that our Custom Competition bullets shoot on avg. the same or better... Our quality control has been 2nd to none on this product.
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    .280AI ????

    We cannot comment on this right now. Keep checking in.
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    06 sales ?

    The new bullets will start showing up in loadings about May.
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    Jim Shockey's New Season

    Jim is now sponsored by TC. He no longer uses Knight
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    .280AI ????

    It should be ready in August.
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    Nosler vs. Sierra stats?

    I will see what I have laying around. Will post once I find it.
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    CT AccuBond Reloading Bullets

    We currently do not sell these bullets for reloading. Just to Winchester for their Supreme Ammunition line
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    Looking for reloading data for 180gr Accubonds/300 WSM

    This is not true. The Scirroco is a pure lead and pure copper bullet, much softer than our gilding metal.
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    Difference between N/P and Accubond

    The difference in bullet contruction can be viewed on the website Expansion velocities can be viewed on our FAQ section ... php?t=1347 Your gun is the only one that can tell...
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    180g .338 bal. tip

    The .338-180 grain Ballistic Tip is no longer in production as is the .338-200grain Ballistic Tip. However, the .338-200grain Ballistic Silvertip is still being produced. The AccuBond will take the place of both in our line.
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    Impact Velocities for Reliable Expansion

    Partition: Minimum Impact Velocity for Reliable Expansion- 1800 fps Maximum Impact Velocity for Reliable Expansion- N/A Ballistic Tip: Minimum Impact Velocity for Reliable Expansion- 1600 fps Maximum Impact Velocity for Reliable Expansion- 3000 fps AccuBond: Minimum Impact Velocity for...
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    7 MM Rem Mag not taking down a Buffalo

    That head shot is tricky. The powder puff is deceiving. I missed and shot one a bit too high and he got real cranky on me.
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    6.5 Rem mag/125 gr Partition

    We are working on our RG #6 and haven't got to the 6.5 Mag yet. We will post once complete
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    NEW FOR 2006

    Good posts- Please realize the 6.5mm AB is NOT set in stone. The AB just allows us to make some heavier bullets that we normally wouldn't be able to make with the BT. It is all open for discussion Thanks for the input
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    NEW FOR 2006

    The 6.5mm AccuBond is preliminary in creation but will be a 130 gr.
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    100g P, or 110g AB??

    Sorry for the delay. I would shoot the PT on this one. IF I HAD TO CHOOSE!!! While I have killed a ton of game with the 25 AB, and a well placed shot would do the job, the PT would have a bit more if a bone got in the way. THAT IS A TOUGH CALL!!!! No more ones like that.
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    270 Winchester & 140 Accubonds

    Your pressures will vary with the fail safe, you will need to use the min load and work back up. Its design creates a bit more pressure.